The Madigan challenge.


A letter appeared on my computer this morning calling for Democratic state chair and Speaker of the Illinois House to resign.

It was signed by current and former Democratic Party elected officials from across the state.

But what is interesting to me are the names that are absent.

My own state rep, the co-chair of the House’s progressive caucus, Will Guzzardi for instance.

Not on this list.

So here is my Madigan challenge:

If you can’t find the Democratic Party elected official that represents you on this list, give them a call and ask where they stand.

Enough with the shady ComEd deals and protection of sexual predators.

And while you’re at it, ask your union leaders, who still seem to be pouring money into Madigan’s various campaign political action committees. Like the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Chicago Teachers Union and the Illinois Education Association (I was a member of the IEA for 30 years).

Here’s the letter and the list of those who signed on.

We come from across Illinois; from Bloomington to Rockford and from Carbondale to Chicago. We are or were elected officials, Democratic Party officials, or Democratic candidates. We represent the socioeconomic and geographic diversity that is the true strength of the Democratic Party of Illinois, and today we echo the call for new leadership for our party and for the Illinois House.

We’re each brought to this point by different circumstances, but are united around a simple belief: Illinois Democrats are in dire need of new leadership.

We’re not commenting here on guilt or innocence in the legal sense. This is about the ability to lead our party as we enter the most important election in living memory, and to lead the House as we encounter the most difficult challenges Illinois government has faced in decades.

We survived the Rauner administration, we’re making our way through this pandemic, and our hope for rebuilding this state lies in the Fair Tax amendment and our candidates up and down the ballot. It has become clear due to the ongoing corruption scandal that Michael Madigan’s leadership is threatening Illinois Democrats’ ability to achieve these goals.

Illinois Democrats are strong. We support the brave women in the General Assembly who called for new leadership before we did. We know when this anchor is lifted, our people and our ideas will rebuild our state. We urge Michael Madigan to do right by the people of Illinois and step down from his roles as Speaker and as Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois.


Florence Appell, DuPage County Precinct Committeeperson

Nathan Arroyave, Winnebago County Democrats Young Dems Chair

Daniel Biss, former State Senator and State Representative

Erica Bray-Parker, Wheaton City Council member and DuPage County Precinct Committeeperson

Muriel Briel, Plainfield Township Democrats Vice Chair and former IL-16 congressional candidate

Jennifer Carrillo, Bloomington City Council Member

Lynn Casey-Maher, Winfield Township Democratic Organization Chair

Sharon Chung, McLean County Board Member

Jody Coss, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson and former 17th District State Central Committeewoman candidate

Jeff Crabill, Bloomington City Council Member

Sara Dady, former IL-16 congressional candidate

Julie Emig, Bloomington City Council Member

Michelle Gerritsen, DeKalb County Democrats Treasurer

Aaron Goldstein, former Chicago 33rd Ward Committeeperson and Attorney General candidate

Patrick Gordon, Elgin Township Democrats Secretary

Pamela Gronemeyer, former 13th District State Central Committeewoman candidate

Maria Hadden, 49th Chicago Ward Alder

Joshua Hartke, former Champaign County Board Member

Peter Janko, 14th District State Central Committeeman

Elizabeth Johnston, McLean County Board Member

Chris Kennedy, former candidate for Governor

Ed Klein, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson and former 17th District State Central Committeeman candidate

Germaine Light, Vermillion County Democrats Vice Chair and Democratic nominee for Vermillion County Board

Melissa Lindberg, former 5th District State Central Committeewoman candidate

Elizabeth Lindquist, Roscoe Township Trustee, Winnebago County Dems Exec Board Township Rep, Democratic nominee for Winnebago County Board

Neill Mohammad, candidate for DeKalb County Board, former IL-16 congressional candidate

Myrna Molina, Kane County Board Member

Lucy Moog, Chicago 43rd Ward Democratic Committeeperson

Alicia Morales, Joliet Junior College Trustee

Maggie O’Keefe, Chicago 40th Ward Democratic Committeeperson

David Orr, former Cook County Clerk, 49th Ward Chicago Alder, and Chicago Mayor

Ross Outten, former 5th District State Central Committeeman candidate

Peggy Pissarreck, Wheeling Township Democratic Organization Exec Committee

Angela Price, Blackberry Township Democrats Treasurer

Jason Rausch, Plainfield Park District Trustee

Beth Rice, Will County Board Member

Jennica Roennenburg, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson

Craig Roman, DeKalb County Board Member

Sheila Simon, former Lieutenant Governor

Logan Smith, McLean County Board Member

Alison Squires, Sugar Grove Township Trustee, Sugar Grove Township Democrats Secretary

Lisa Stich, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson

Gary Tomlinson, Election Judge Coordinator, Democratic Party of DuPage County

Marian Tomlinson, Former Chair, Democratic Party of Milton Township

Carl Utt, Stephenson County Precinct Committeeperson

Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward Chicago Alder

Rachel Ventura, Will County Board Member, former IL-11 congressional candidate

Arti Walker-Peddakotla, Oak Park Trustee

Shayna Watchinski, McLean County Board Member

JJ Wett, DeKalb County Democrats Vice Chair

Laurie Wollrab, McLean County Board Member

Maggie Wunderly, former Naperville Township Democrats Chair and 11th District State Central Committeewoman candidate

Walt Zlotow, former Chair, Democratic Party of Milton Township

Join us!

If you are an Illinois Democratic elected official, Democratic Party official, or Democratic candidate and want to join our call for new leadership for the Illinois House and the Democratic Party of Illinois, please  to sign on to our statement. We will confirm with you and add you to the list above.


11 thoughts on “The Madigan challenge.

  1. And this isn’t even everyone as my state Rep Kelly Cassidy was part of the first group calling for him to step down and surprisingly party stalwart Carol Rowan asked ho to step down last week as well

    Thom Clark-grandpa, radio host, educator, photographer, activist 312-405-2142 @thomnewstips


  2. No Preckwinkle, no Lightfoot….No Peters, no Fox…

    *See:** *chatter

    *Work, love, build a house, and die. But build a house.*~~Donald Hall

    *The antidote to despair is activism!~~Mariel Nanasi*

    *Our interest’s on the dangerous edge of things. The honest thief, the tender murderer, the superstitious atheist.*~~Robert Browning

    *What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July?*~~Frederick Douglass

    *The trouble is that once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve seen it, keeping quiet, saying nothing, becomes as political an act as speaking out. There’s no innocence. Either way **you’re accountable.*~~Arundhati Roy

    *In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.*~~~George Orwell

    *We live in capitalism; its power seems inescapable—so did the divine rights of kings.* ~~~Ursula LeGuin

  3. Interesting piece, pressure mounting. CTU gave him dough and he got votes for charters after taking millions from them. He will not get a pardon.

    Get Outlook for Android


  4. They’re all part of some machine. Toni Preckwinkle. Lori Lightfoot. Eddie Burke. Mickey Madigan. DSA. Don Harmon. They all look like Democratic Machines to me.

  5. Sharing because some of the signed names are interesting…and those missing too. Vasquez but not Martin… ________________________________

  6. Mostly, committeepeople, state central committeepeople, state representatives and party people deal with Madigan. 🤔

    If anyone’s interested, I can list what I consider mini Democratic Machines. 🤔

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