Messing with the USPS is more than about the vote.

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The United States Postal Service has started reducing post office operating hours across several states and removing their iconic blue letter collection boxes in Chicago.

The CVS pharmacy where I get my meds is located inside a Target store. As someone of Social Security age, I rely on a half dozen prescriptions to control my blood pressure and other age related problems, none immediately life threatening. But I need them anyway.

Sure, sure. Even though I’ve been pretty good at watching my weight –  since the pandemic my gym is closed down – I haven’t been too good at finding alternatives. If I was more disciplined I probably could reduce the reliance on medications because my health is not too bad for someone my age.

With the pandemic though, I ask the pharmacy to mail my meds to me. I don’t need any reasons to go into a big box store if I don’t have to.

CVS complies and charges it to my credit card.

Easy peasy. Thank you USPS.

It’s not my imagination that daily snail mail deliveries have disappeared.

It is true that mostly what I find in my mail box is third class mail.

Magazines and ads.

But not only.

My local community Facebook page is filled with comments about the reduction in mail deliveries from those who have not fully shifted to electronic mail.

Naturally this has raised concerns about the coming election in November where Democrats have the votes to defeat Trump and win both the Senate and House if the voters turn out and they are all counted.

Voter turnout is reason enough for Trump and the GOP to sabotage the United States Postal Service.

So, sure, I have the option of throwing on my mask, driving over and picking up my meds at Target.

But not everyone has that option. There are many homebound folks who depend on the USPS to make a timely delivery of the meds that keep them alive. There are those who live in rural areas where there is no longer a small-town pharmacist if there ever was one. And of course, the Postal Service is a necessity for those who are disabled.

Come November I am going to vote. I’ve sent for my mail-in ballot. But if there is a problem with the mail, I will walk, crawl, fly, take a train, ride a bike or whatever it takes to cast my ballot.

I will get my meds.

Not everyone has that choice.

Trump knows.

14 thoughts on “Messing with the USPS is more than about the vote.

  1. My Glenview mail carrier is the best. He is counting on Congress and the DOJ to stop this assault. Hope he is right.

  2. He is depending on William Barr?! We all had better make a great deal of noise because Barr will do nothing to stymie Trump’s efforts to destroy the USPS if he has anything to say about it.

  3. During the Clinton and Bush II eras, my mail was misdelivered often. ☹️

    I called then Congressperson Blago and later his successor, Rahm. Both offices said “We ain’t getting our mails either.” ☹️

    It’s time to replace USPS! 🤓

      1. I expect you to laugh, but you wouldn’t laugh if Congresspeople Davis and Rush said it. 😁

        I’m not the only one with missing mail. 🤔

  4. This isn’t just about the election. This is just the latest move to destroy the postal service and get rid of 300,000 union workers. A few years ago, a federal budget was passed that was tampered with at the last minute. An unknown Republican inserted a secret paragraph deep within the hundreds of unrelated pages without telling the Democrats. The inserted item required the postal service had to set aside enough money in 10 years to cover pensions and health insurance for retirees 75 years in the future. Employees who have not even been born yet. The Democrats did not catch the deception by the Republicans and passed the budget which became law. The post office actually covers their expenses and pensions and medical for retirees. The billions of “loss” is due to the 75 year future retirement payments. The goal of the Republicans is to try to abolish the postal service so they can give the business to private companies which they or their donors have an interest in.
    Trump has used a favorite Republican trick. He appointed someone who wants an agency destroyed, to head that agency. Trump has now called upon his appointed Postmaster General to render the postal service unable to deliver ballots in time for the election. The Postmaster General has fulfilled Trump’s request by shutting off the automated sorting machines, requiring postal workers to sort manually. Then he stopped overtime to create a backlog. This ensures that ballots will be delivered many days too late to be counted.
    The Democrats need to deal with this quickly, or Trump will steal the election. Then it will be too late.

  5. “kettling.” [That is when officers force protesters into a defined area and then make mass arrests.]

  6. Eric, of course you’re invited to my birthday party. 😁

    Fred, one day, someone will suggest USPS be replaced. 🤓

  7. Right wingers and libertarians have been screeching about replacing the USPS with free market BS so called “solutions” for ages. It’s all crap. The USPS is a vital, essential service that keeps this country functioning. I have used the USPS for decades and it works just fine. Nothing is perfect and there are occasional glitches in the USPS but far less glitches than with Internet connections and computers. The USPS does not need to be replaced, it needs to be properly funded and properly cared for, not sabotaged by the GOP and libertarian hacks.

  8. Not everyone is a right wing, left wing or libertarian. 🤔

    Money isn’t always the answer. 😐

    Aren’t all of Americans and God’s Children? 😁

  9. In a few cases, mailboxes have blown up, over the years, by kids, teenagers and young adults (all usually White). ☹️

    With email, eCards, pay online, cell phones and texting, there’s less need to postal mail letters, cards and bills. Thus, there’s less need for blue boxes. 😐

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