Judge Michael Toomin, Fast Eddie Burke and the incredible whiteness of the Cook County judiciary.

Judge Michael Toomin.

Table of Wisdom almost sounds like a religious organization.

It’s not.

It’s what they call an investment club.

Table of Wisdom included judges and lawyers. From an ethical point of view that might seem like an odd combination for a company doing financial investments.

Y’know. Judges and attorneys out of the courtroom, hangin’ and investing together.

It turns out that Cook County Circuit Judge Michael Toomin and indicted Alderman Eddie Burke were both members of Table of Wisdom according to a report by Injustice Watch and the Chicago Sun Times.

There is no need to discuss here Eddie Burke’s problematic relationship with ethics.

Judge Toomin is a different case because Toomin got all high, mighty and ethical sounding about Kim Foxx.

You might not remember that it was Judge Toomin who was so ethically outraged at States Attorney Kim Foxx and her handling of the the Jesse Smullett case.

But you might recall the the media (and the FOP) went all hyper about Jesse Smullett, as if it were Leopold and Loeb.

It was Toomin’s decision to appoint a special prosecutor in the Smullet case in order “restore the public confidence in the integrity of our criminal justice system.”

Apparently Judge Toomin sitting around the Table of Wisdom with Eddie Burke and other attorneys who appear before him wasn’t a problem for him in restoring confidence in the integrity of the justice system.

Injustice Watch points out that the Table of Wisdom pretty much reflects the Cook County judiciary: The Table of Wisdom was overwhelmingly white and male.

Table of Wisdom reflects the court system’s reputation as being largely white, older men with financial and personal ties to each other and the Democratic Party. Of the 10 company partners Toomin disclosed in forms submitted to the Illinois Supreme Court, the nine who could be identified are white, and all but one are men.

More than 70 percent of the Cook County judiciary is white, compared with 42 percent of the county’s population, and nearly 60 percent of judges are men, according to 2018 statistics provided by Chief Cook County Judge Timothy Evans.

Another thing about the ethically challenged Judge Michael Toomin.

Injustice Watch also reports that Judge Toomin, a juvenile justice judge, was blocking detention review motions on behalf of juvenile defendants despite an order from Chief Judge Timothy Evans requiring that all such motions be heard quickly in response to the COVID crisis.

Toomin was also blocking motions asking that youth who have been compliant with electronic monitoring be released. Typically youth are released from electronic monitoring after complying with the conditions for two or three weeks. As a result of Toomin’s actions, youth were being kept on electronic monitoring for as long as three months.

Judge Michael Toomin is on the ballot for retention in November.

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