The FOP refuses to bargain accountability. The Mayor stands her ground. The legislature evades.

FOP President John Catanzara.

Shia Kappos reports this morning that the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police met with Mayor Lightfoot’s team at the bargaining table.

The FOP remains the only city union (and I use the term union with great hesitation) refusing to come to a settlement on a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with the city.

It is no secret that the FOP President, John Catanzara, is nothing but a mouthpiece for Trump. Trump has made Chicago his punching bag during the current campaign with Catanzara cheering the guy on. His bullying of the Mayor is in line with the bully-boy tactics of Trump.

The Mayor wants to bargain police accountability. Catanzara refuses, threatening city council members and calling the Mayor a liar.

In a letter to the FOP, the Mayor stood her ground.

I hope she continues to.

But the shame of it is that the Mayor should not be forced into a position of bargaining police behavior.

I have often written that all due process language in the CBA between the FOP should be removed by statute as subjects of bargaining.

The idea that response to police abuse is bargained should offend every union member and supporter of collective bargaining.

No other union contract protects an employee from prosecution for criminal behavior.

The legislature would need to act to remove police accountability as a subject of collective bargaining.

Shamefully, it does not appear as if they will act any time soon.

One thought on “The FOP refuses to bargain accountability. The Mayor stands her ground. The legislature evades.

  1. John Catanzara is no longer a cop. He shouldn’t be leading anything, certainly not a powerless, so called police union. ☹️

    Catanzara’s claim to fame is being Trumper, outspoken and Christopher Columbus (Cristoffa Corombo) idol worshipper. ☹️

    Catanzara endorsed Willie Wilson, who won’t win. Most of us Blacks support Durbin. 😁

    The Chicago Police Department will eventually be disbanded anyway (many are retiring and newbies won’t join) and they lived without a contract for over 3 years. 🙂

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