Republican hypocrisy and the system is rigged.

NBC’s marshmallow, Chuck Todd and Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso.

Watching the host of NBC’s Meet the Press, Chuck Todd, interview Wyoming’s Republican Senator John Barrasso explain voting on a Supreme Court Justice a month ahead of the election, I was struck how even the usually compliant Todd seemed to be embarrassed by Barrasso’s transparent hypocrisy.

Barrasso represents a state that is the least populous and second most sparsely populated state in the country.

Yet his vote counts the same as a senator from California, the most populated state.

The senate is the House of Lords, a remnant of slavery and as undemocratic an institution as the electoral college and life-time appointment to the Supreme Court.

It is likely that Trump will send up Amy Coney Barrrett, a federal appeals court judge, to fill the seat of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Barrett is an anti-abortion extremist.

I keep pointing out that when the white men who wrote the Constitution created the idea that Supreme Court appointments were for life, they thought that meant about ten years.

White men, the only ones who were allowed on the Court at the time, rarely lived past 50. Now the average lifespan is around 80. That’s 40 years on the court.

That’s about the length of time since the Bears last won a Superbowl.

Over the past 40 years the Court decided that burning the American flag was protected speech. They voted that same sex sex was legal and then later logically said the same thing about same sex marriage.

They ruled on climate change EPA regulations, gun ownership, Citizen’s United, and the Affordable Care Act.

Forty years is a long time.

Time enough for a lot of really bad rulings.

So, stopping the Trump appointment on the eve of a likely Democratic victory in the presidential election and control of the Senate is important.

I appreciate the take it to them attitude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s not intimidated by the rules of parliamentary procedure or pleading to the spineless Susan Collins.

“Our reproductive rights are on the line. Our labor rights are on the line. Our right to healthcare is on the line. Labor and union protections are on the line. Our climate is on the line,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “With an early appointment, all of our rights—the rights that so many people died for, voting rights, reproductive rights, healthcare rights, all of those rights… are at risk with this appointment. So we need to make sure that we mobilize on an unprecedented scale to ensure that this vacancy is reserved for the next president.”

6 thoughts on “Republican hypocrisy and the system is rigged.

  1. The system is rigged by the electoral college and the Senate. Both ensure minority rule as Hillary had 2.9 million more votes than Trump and lost the election. That’s a lot of people to ignore. It takes 3 Missourians to have the power of one person from WY. It’s wrong. We need to throw out the electoral college. We should have one person, one vote.

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  2. I think the Founders labored under the impression a lifetime appointment would put a man (sic) beyond the influence of the rabble’s political pressure. They were by no means naive about human nature but if they imagined there was any place beyond the dreams of avarice and greed for power then they failed to guess the species of vipers our times would generate.

  3. I haven’t seen many pension posts lately, but would love to see you publish the following and get some comments. RBG and the election will be history in 2-3 months and pension solvency will still be with us. Markets will likely trend down until the current political chaos abates. Let’s assume the Senate turns Trump down and Dems win the White House, Senate and House. Assume further that the IL graduated tax proposition passes. Besides Federal bailouts — States, Cities, Teamsters, etc. — what is the plan?

    “Affirmative action in hiring or investment is only defensible if it can be shown that it either increases returns more than it increases risk, or that it reduces risk more than it reduces returns—in which case, the argument does not center around increasing diversity and inclusion for its own sake, but rather around increasing return and decreasing risk. Which is where the argument should have been in the first place.

    It’s certainly what Illinois Teachers ought to be worried about. From mid-2008 through mid-2019, even as the broad stock indices were rising, the plan’s funding level dropped from a dangerous 63 percent to a flashing-red critical 40 percent. The last thing the managers and board at Illinois Teachers need is a social justice distraction.”

    Newsweek 9-21-20

  4. If the Founding Fathers were so concerned about states’ sizes and populations, we would have had provinces similar to Canada, which are more equal than 48 mainland states of varying sizes and populations. 😮

    The colonial excuses of comparing Rhode island to New York no longer apply (and shouldn’t have) because we are all Americans.

    Abolish the Electoral College and US Senators. Have people directly elect the US President and US Supreme Court Justices (8 years max for each). 🤓

    Have the US President and US Supreme Court Justices elected on a special day or two, with a special, independent agency overseeing these two federal American elections. 😁

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