Check out Photoville in New York.

Go read the story in today’s New York Times about a photography exhibit that stretches across New York City’s five boroughs.

All of it outside. Safe to see. Wear a mask. Check it out if you are in or near New York.

Photoville is always a joyous jumble, embracing conceptual and narrative projects along with photojournalism. These are non-selling exhibits presented by the Photoville nonprofit itself and by numerous foundations, city agencies and educational, corporate and media partners (including The New York Times). This year’s presentation is a strong vintage: While meeting the many urgencies of this moment of acute, overlapping crises, it also opens up, in relevant ways, to wider views.

Here’s the website. Explore it. It has great resources for teachers and photographers and for those who enjoy photographs.

Among the photographs on display are those of the high school students of Leigh Klonsky, an Art teacher at public Eastside Community School in Manhattan.

I bring this to your attention with no humility. I am extremely proud of her and her students and appreciative of those who made these exhibitions possible.

Even after retiring from 30 years in the classroom, I can’t imagine the difficulties of teaching at this moment.

But I know that for most teachers the results are still worth it.

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