I’m not doxing Mrs. Barklow.

In my previous post I referred to a tv ad paid for by the billionaires who oppose a progressive state income tax.

The ad featured a Park Ridge senior named Phyllis Barklow who actually pays no income tax on her retirement income. No retirement income is taxed in Illinois.

Instead, because of our flat tax, seniors do pay high property and sales taxes because the state can’t meet current expenses on current revenue.

I received a number of comments to this blog that included the addresses and phone numbers to Mrs. Barklow’s two homes, one in Scottsdale, Arizona and her home in Park Ridge.

I don’t think the problem is Mrs. Barklow and I don’t allow doxing on this blog.

I won’t publish comments that contain someone’s home addresses and phone number.

Don’t target Mrs. Barklow. Call and contact your friends to vote yes on Fair Tax.

3 thoughts on “I’m not doxing Mrs. Barklow.

  1. I guess we don’t need to feel sorry for her as she does have another home to go to if Illinois doesn’t ultimately work out for her. Most likely where she would move to anyway regardless of the flat or graduated income tax.

  2. Regarding Phyllis’ phone number or address, I truly respect where you’re coming from. I left her a message asking to discuss the matter. But, of course, got no honest response; only a text stating that it was the phone number of a 13 yr old boy. My opinion was that if you put yourself out there in an ad, then you should be willing to discuss the matter and receive reactions.

  3. Thanks for the vocab lesson, Fred. I’d never heard of the word doxing. Always learning.
    Wish Mrs. Barklow would read up on the facts & learn something as well.

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