Mrs. Barklow of Park Ridge is wrong about the tax amendment.

Phyllis Barklow, from Park Ridge, retired and community volunteer, shows up on my tv screen every night. They’re in a negative ad about the Fair Tax constitutional amendment that will be on the top of the ballot when Illinois voting begins in a few weeks.

Although I taught school in Park Ridge for many years I don’t know Mrs. Barklow. I did have senior volunteers in my Art room. They get a property tax break for volunteering in Park Ridge, which I think is a good idea for other cities to copy.

Billionaire Ken Griffin and the other members of the billionaire boys club who are paying for these ads made a strange pick having Mrs. Barklow be the face of the campaign.

The state’s current flat tax means that teachers and first responders pay the same income tax rate as the billionaires.

I don’t mean there’s anything wrong with Mrs. Barklow’s face, but as an Illinois senior they pay no tax to the state on their retirement income.

A change to the constitution to create a graduated income would have no affect on their income tax bill at all.

Some have suggested changing that, but that is not what we are voting on.

In fact, nothing else in the state constitution will be changed. The pension protection clause won’t be changed. The legislature’s ability to raise or lower taxes won’t be changed.

On the other hand, it won’t solve everything. There will still be corporate tax loopholes for the corporations and the rich.

It won’t stop corporations like ComEd from bribing Springfield politicians.

It is a small but important tax reform that makes the rich pay a larger share of the state’s bills.

Mrs. Barklow is selling a pig in a poke in this ad.

The truth is that as a result of the flat tax, local school districts and municipalities have to tax more in property taxes and local sales taxes to make up the difference.

That’s actually a bigger tax burden on seniors like like Mrs. Barklow.

11 thoughts on “Mrs. Barklow of Park Ridge is wrong about the tax amendment.

  1. Hi Fred, I think this sentence needs “would NOT” … the ‘not’ is missing:

    A change to the constitution to create a graduated income would affect her income tax bill at all.

    1. The only state to shift to a progressive income tax structure in the past 30 years, Connecticut, tells a different story.

      From 2012 through 2018, Connecticut taxed retirement income, including Social Security, above $50,000 for single filers and $60,000 for joint filers. And the above-65 outmigration rate has been more than double the outmigration rate for prime working age adults, or people ages 26 to 54.

      1. You IPI guys should make up you mind. Either Illinois under a flat tax now is the state with the most out migration or it will become the state with the most out migration with a graduated income tax. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. A reliable (rare to find, these days) told me Mrs. Barklow “of Park Ridge” had moved to Arizona quite some time ago.

  3. I meant to type in “person” next to reliable!
    But, perhaps that was a Freudian slip, as the use of both words together could be oxymoronic.

  4. No doubt she is misguided and suffers from political confusion, but then look at the trump supporters…a lot more fooled by the con that pervades the political circus.

  5. Putting more power in the hands of the people got the state in the financial mess is not the solution.

    Vote NO –

    Term limits

  6. Democracy is a good thing. Unfortunately, most real Republicans don’t agree. They prefer power in the hands of the few lucky priveledged wealthy control freaks. The “mess” of debt and unbalanced budgets is the preferred vehicle of these Republicans who keep getting richer off corrupt lobbying for tax breaks, while everyone else pays for it in reduced services and regressive tax hikes.

    Ronald Reagan started the tradition of deliberately blowing up the national debt. Many so called conservative business experts love this process because they can just exploit bankruptcy laws when it bites their companies – tear up contracts, default on pension obligations, screw other people’s lives, – and walk away personally even richer.

    Term limits don’t apply to their friends like Mitch McConnell, the longest serving U.S. Senator at almost 40 years and counting.

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