When he loses Trump says he will flee.

On a plane or his yacht on the sea.

Will Barr be on that jet?

400 million in debt.

Nah. First comes the arrest and the plea.


I watched Trump I’m ashamed to admit.

His rants, are a drug I can’t quit.

But that woman’s head?

I came to dred.

That nod? She’d been smokin’ some shit.


While Amy appears to be ascendant.

She went blank when asked what’s in the first amendment.

Is it religion or speech?

To print or impeach?

She’s just a clone, a Scalia descendant.


For Amy the words as were written.

Are the only ones with which she is smitten

But the original version

Included 3/5 a person

Which is the reason for justice she’s bad fittin’.


I’m concerned about polls, they assume.

Trump’s defeat and an end to our gloom.

But the Dems and their team

Can screw a wet dream.

And four more with this putz will spell doom.


Progressives want a deal that’s greener.

No more fracking and water that’s cleaner.

But for Trump, that dumb jerk,

A green world will not work.

“Tiny windows,” Trump calls it. What a wiener!


COVID and climate not spoken.

Those watching were barely awoken.

When the fly then alit

On that dumb piece of shit.

Social media went viral a jokin’


There once was a guy, Stephen Miller.

Immigrant rights, he was Trump’s major killer.

His cages and walls,

For him open borders appall.

He got Covid, I couldn’t be thriller.

3 thoughts on “Limericks.

  1. Great limerick!!
    Amy Coney Barrett Lying About Her Knowledge of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)
    Oct 14, 2020

    Al Franken

    The head of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attended the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS nomination in the Rose Garden. Here’s video of her being asked by Senator Franken about the group in 2017 and then again by Senator Leahy on October 13, 2020.

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