The Illinois Retired Teachers Association should get off the fence on the graduated income tax. Retirees. We should look at who is really for taxing our savings.

Last year Griffin and the Civic Federation was for taxing retirement income. Now he says we should vote no because a graduated tax will mean taxing retirement income.

I hear that the Illinois Retired Teachers Association (IRTA) board is meeting this weekend.

I’ve been a decades long member. I’m VP of a local chapter. The board honored me a few years back for my efforts at preserving pension benefits and my blogging on the subject. I am still proud of the work that the IRTA did in refusing to concede anything on our constitutional pension guarantees when our two state teacher unions were ready to throw in the towel.

I bring all this up to show how disappointed I am that the leadership of the state IRTA has refused to support the graduated tax amendment. They have chosen to stay neutral.

Our local chapter of the IRTA has voted to support the amendment for tax fairness.

A friend called the other day. He’s also a retired teacher.

He has also been calling retired friends to vote yes on the amendment. He’s grown frustrated with those who have been bamboozled by the billionaire backers of a no vote.

Like Ken Griffin and the Civic Federation.

“What do you say when they believe that the amendment will mean taxing their retirement income?” he asked.

It’s tough because $50 million spent by the opponents on TV ads started early and framed the issue with this lie.

What’s that old saying?

“A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

Rich Miller, the publisher of posts a statement of opposition to the graduated tax amendment from the Civic Federation.

Billionaire Ken Griffin is a hedge funder and a trustee of the Civic Federation. His money is paying for most of the ad buys.

As Miller points out, these are the same guys who have been supporting taxing retirement income all along.

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