Good and bad news from the state IRTA board meeting.

There is good and bad news coming from the state board meeting of the Illinois Retired Teachers Association.

The IRTA has about 40,000 members statewide. Many are retired administrators. The IRTA is not just made up of retired teachers.

I have to say, speaking bluntly, that while the IRTA as an organization was courageous when we were fighting for pension rights, it was like pulling teeth to get a principal or other administrators to get on a bus to Springfield or take any stand even though it was their pensions under attack too.

As usual, teachers do the heavy lifting.

So the IRTA board reaffirmed their non-militant stand of neutrality on the issue of the graduated income tax amendment.

The vote was 22 to 4 to reaffirm no position.

The good news is that Area 2 former Lake County president Wendet Weigers, former TRS board member Bob Lyons and John Anderson, all of whom represent politically active IRTA members voted for the IRTA to support a yes vote on the amendment.

The rest of the board apparently bought the nonsense about taxing retirement income, or were afraid to confront members who did.

John Anderson reports that he and Bob talked long hard, “but fear of taxation won the day.”

AFSCME retirees endorsed the Fair Tax a year ago.

3 thoughts on “Good and bad news from the state IRTA board meeting.

  1. Thanks for your continuing efforts to promote a more progressive income tax in Illinois. We have one in Mn and it helps. (No panacea but it helps and we still have lots to do) Having spent 50 years as a public school teacher, administrator, researcher, parent, grandparent, PTA president, site council member, newspaper columnist, etc. I have found in general here in Mn. teachers are inclined to be somewhat more politically active than administrators. I do not know why. Any thoughts?

  2. Fred, I am at a loss to understand why IRTA would not endorse the graduated tax amendment. What explanation do they give?

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