Now that the second debate is done, the end is in sight. 500 children are still separated from their parents.

A boy from Honduras is helped by representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center as he is reunited with his father in Phoenix.

I said all along that they should just do the second debate with no restraints on Trump.

Keep that microphone on. Let him be the bully he is. His polling numbers dropped big after the first debate. Nobody likes a bully.

Now the analysts and pundits are saying how much better Trump was and how much more substantive the debate was.

I watched. I didn’t catch that part.

To me, it was political discourse at its worst. The best you can say about Biden was he made no gaffes.

But with only 11 days to go, it may be too late to save Trump’s butt. 50 million votes have already been cast.

Still 500 children that were separated from their families by the Trump administration remain separated and may never be reunited.

It is monumentally criminal.

Trump, as usual, refused to take responsibility.

The American Civil Liberties Union said on Tuesday that they have been unable to contact parents of 545 children who were separated at the border by the Trump administration.

While the Trump regime eventually placed the children with sponsors, a federal judge ordered the government to track the whereabouts of the parents — a difficult task because the government failed to adequately track the families in the first place, according to a government watchdog office.

The ACLU said that close to 5,500 families were separated.

“Each one of these children is its own story,” Lee Gelernt of the ACLU said. “And those stories are absolutely heartbreaking.”

“One 4-year-old from Honduras had glasses,” he continued, telling the story of one family. “The boy’s parents had been able to get him a case to protect the glasses.” Gelernt said the “glasses case became the most important thing in their life because they knew if the glasses broke, they might not be able to get him another pair.”

When the boy was separated from his mother, he had his glasses, but he didn’t have the case.

“All day long, all the mother thought about was, ‘Can my little boy see?'” Gelernt said.

5 thoughts on “Now that the second debate is done, the end is in sight. 500 children are still separated from their parents.

  1. Fred, I’m so sorry you have kidney cancer. I just want you to have a second opinion. I’m sure you like your doctors and their institutions. It doesn’t reflect on them. I’m sorry to say you and your family have to think things through. There’s no escaping it, and a second opinion helps. Please do it. Pat Herrmann

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