Trump losing the senior vote, but many are still falling for the tax amendment lie.

Donald Trump held a rally on an Omaha air strip last night in the freezing rain.

Although polls show that those over 65 are deserting Trump in huge numbers, some of my fellow seniors showed up at the rally.


Trump rallies are by design superspreaders for the coronavirus. Simply being at a Trump rally is high risk for anyone over the age of 65.

Trump is high risk for most elderly anyway.

When the rally in Omaha ended, Donald flew away. Thousands were left on the tarmac in the freezing cold with no way to get out.

The buses, the huge crowd soon learned, couldn’t navigate the jammed airport roads. For hours, attendees — including many elderly Trump supporters — stood in the cold, as police scrambled to help those most at-risk get to warmth.

It’s a metaphor, of course. It is why Trump is losing the senior vote. Those over 65 vote in larger numbers than most other demographic groups.

But what gets me is that so many Illinois’s over 65 year olds – my people – who should know better, can reject Trump on the one hand and completely believe the Trumpian lies about the graduated income tax amendment, the opposition fully bought and paid for by billionaire Trumpers like the IPI, Ken Griffin, Richard Uihlein and Sam Zell.

These are Rauner people. Trump people.

These bums even interrupted my enjoyment of the Dodgers winning the World Series last night with an advertisement that straight up lied about the “politicians tax hike” giving “new power to the legislators to tax retirement income.”

It gives no new power to tax retirement income. It gives the legislature power to tax the rich.

Taxing retirement income is as true as Trump saying we have turned the corner on the coronavirus.

And why would Trump, Griffin, Uihlein or Zell care about our retirement income?

Believe them and they will leave you in the freezing rain with no way home.

8 thoughts on “Trump losing the senior vote, but many are still falling for the tax amendment lie.

  1. Freddie,
    You actually sound like you trust these guys. If the shoe were on the other foot no way in hell would you trust them, but now??? Leading the lemmings down the road to the cliff. Does it not give them the right to tax retirement income simply by passing a bill? Do you also believe that Lori lowering the speed limit at cameras is for public safety?

    1. “It” does not give them the right to tax retirement income. They already have that right. Nothing in the Illinois Constitution currently prevents it. Thee amendment only addresses the issue of a graduated income tax.

  2. trump shows his contempt in everything he says and does to Americans, especially his fans. That they are none too smart is beside the point.

  3. trump shows his contempt for Americans with everything he says and does. His fans are not exempt and that they are none too smart is beside the point.

  4. The problem is the idea that people reflexively vote “no” on taxes. So any tax that needs a “yes” a ballot is more likely to fail. We need to vote “yes” on the Fair Tax and that is not likely the first time. Did you ever hear of a ballot for a school district that passed the first time in the suburbs where schools are beloved? They usually take several tries before they pass. They have the money and love their schools, still education initiatives usually take several tries. And most people don’t care about debt.

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