A teacher will head the department of education.

Like most educators around the country, I don’t know much about Dr. Miguel Cardona other than that he comes from four years of classroom experience and then as a local public school administrator and that he was the head of public schools in Connecticut.

I have always thought that the importance of having a teacher head the federal education department was overstated.

First hand teaching experience is valuable in setting policy, but not the only thing.

I have been in too many heated conversations among my teaching colleagues about what constitutes good teaching practice to believe that practice alone will get us to the right place. Or that being a teacher means we all agree.

To me, it is good news that Dr. Cardona doesn’t come out of the corporate education reform groups like those connected to Eli Broad or DFER, Democrats for Education Reform.

And Dr. Cardona is an educator of color, supported by the Hispanic congressional caucus.

He also has received good reviews from the national teachers unions. The leadership of both were angling for the job.

And it is very good news we will finally be done with Betsy DeVos.

Some have expressed concerns about his views towards testing, and that’s fair.

Yet in the wake of the pandemic and the need to get schools opened safely, public schools will need lots of federal support.

I’m talking cash.

If Dr. Cardona can get the Biden administration to provide the federal funding to public schools they desperately need to open safely, it will have proven to be a good start in rolling back the education disasters of several administrations, Democratic and Republican, which have pursued a policy of public school starvation.

One thought on “A teacher will head the department of education.

  1. So a white Hispanic male is now a “person of color”? Wow. What political correctness. But at least DeVos will soon be done.

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