The United States is the Marco Rubio of the world.

Like many Trumper hypocrites, Senator Marco Rubio jumps the line for the Covid Vaccine.

Sure. On a personal level it pissed me off to see Florida Republican Trumper Senator Marco Rubio jumping the line to get a Covid shot.

I’m 72 with underlying health issues. I’m not sure where my place in line is, but I know if it weren’t for Rubio’s privileged position as a U.S. senator, he wouldn’t be getting jabbed right now with a needle. And attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci while sitting there.

Of course, Rubio got blasted all over social media for his hypocrisy.

And the fact is that I will get my vaccine soon enough.

But that will provide limited safety.

To be really safe with the possibility of returning to pre-pandemic routines we need community immunity.

Dr. Fauci says that it may take a year or longer for enough people in the United States to be vaccinated to achieve community immunity.

I won’t be really safe until 90% of us are vaccinated.

Meanwhile, in typical first world fashion, the United States and the other wealthy nations have cornered the market on the vaccine.

The wealthy countries are the Marco Rubio of the world.

Just over half (51%) of these doses will go to high income countries, which represent 14% of the world’s population, say the authors. Low and middle income countries will potentially have the remainder, despite these countries comprising more than 85% of the world’s population.

The thing is that global hoarding of the vaccine, like Marco Rubio jumping the line, won’t make us safer.

That’s why it’s called a pandemic.

We need to see community as a global thing.

4 thoughts on “The United States is the Marco Rubio of the world.

  1. AOC “jumped” the line – it must be her “conditions”

    Florida has already started with seniors vaccines – might be state thing

  2. When it comes to Sen. Marco Rubio these days one of the things I can equate it to is from the Woody Allen film, “Love and Death.” 1) “You have heard of me sir?” 2) “Well, lets just say (your name) never fails to get a laugh.”

    Rubio’s naked political ambition is so obvious, wanting to be the first in line to grab the Trump MAGA crowd. He’s essentially starting his run for the 2024 presidency. Sadly, he’s already a become a joke, a poster boy for “Which way is the wind blowing?” And his record of achievement is so unimpressive and lacking that he has no substance at all.

    The defining image of Rubio was and still is his rebuttal to the State of the Union in 2013 when he needed to take a swig from his bottle of water. Unprepared, disheveled and sweating.

    Rumor has it that Ivanka Trump is going to challenge “Little Marco” in 2022. What’s in the water in Florida I do not know? God help us all with these two. Hopefully Dems will find a strong candidate to send these two packing.

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