Bernie filibusters the war budget with Georgia on my mind. I love Bernie.

Today Bernie plans to filibuster the war budget.

He wants the Senate to vote on adding the $2000 to the Covid relief bill before voting on Pentagon relief.

Not $2000 a month, by the way. That’s what many countries in Europe are doing during the pandemic.

We’re just fighting for a $2000 one time payment.

Bernie doesn’t really think the Republican Senate will pass it. Just as he doesn’t think he can stop the bloated war budget. But he wants a vote.

“McConnell and the Senate want to expedite the override vote and I understand that. But I’m not going to allow that to happen unless there is a vote, no matter how long that takes, on the $2,000 direct payment,” he told Politico on Monday night.

Sanders’ filibuster would not ultimately block the defense bill, but it could delay a vote until New Year’s Day, disrupting senators’ holiday weekend plans and keeping Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Washington instead of campaigning in Georgia for next week’s runoff election.

Sources close to Sanders told Politico that it would also make the stimulus payments a front-and-center campaign issue in Georgia; neither Loeffler nor Perdue have explicitly supported the $2,000 payments.

Wouldn’t it be great if McConnell blocking a vote on the 2K were to hand the Georgia elections and control of the Senate to the Democrats?

I love Bernie.

6 thoughts on “Bernie filibusters the war budget with Georgia on my mind. I love Bernie.

  1. Bernie is putting the most pressure on the Senate, but there is likely some pressure also being applied by the House Republicans who voted for the $2,000 payment. There are signs that the Dems are losing the money race in Georgia, since Schumer has stopped meeting with potential donors: Bernie also made a very valid point that we found money for rich businesses and businesspeople, but not for the 99%, which include many small businesses and businesspeople. I am uncertain about the $2,000, but a second $1,200 payment should be considered.

  2. After seeing the pork in the Stimulus Bill the Bernie Bros decided to the citizens a taste by upping the amount to $2k as recommended by Trump. Now it is part of a Senate bill that has the includes the 230 tech issues.

    Big deal as the progressives do not want to touch tech issue . Limiting the campaigning by a couple of days may be s issue but Schumer looks like he has conceded – but the 230 issue that has far reaching effects.

    McConnell appears to have won this one.

  3. Looks like the Democratic candidates are ahead in Georgia in every way…I am certain about 2,000 measly dollars being totally insufficient…compared to the other non-shithole countries…as former President Trump refers to them.

    Where’s the shithole now?

  4. When Frick is in power, Frack blocks him… vice versa…both Frick and Frack remain filthy rich …regardless.

    This scheme has failed…America.

  5. ” I am uncertain about the $2,000, but a second $1,200 payment should be considered.” – Mark

    Button up your shirt, Dude, your heart is falling out.

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