How is it that the IEA and other unions endorsed Mike Bost for Congress, a Confederate Insurrectionist?

Illinois Congressman Mike Bost.

For nearly 40 years I have scratched my head at many of the political decisions of my teachers’ union, the Illinois Education Association.

A search of past blog posts will illustrate a number of past examples.

Endorsing Congressman Mike Bost is just one example of why I long ago stopped donating to the IEA’s political action fund, IPACE.

In the case of Bost, the IEA was not the only union who endorsed him.

The IEA support for Bost was particularly offensive because aside from being a Republican Trumper, on education issues Bost supported Betsy DeVos’ education agenda.

DeVos was an unrelenting opponent of public education and teacher unions.

Now a petition is calling is calling for the expulsion of Bost from Congress.

Bost pissed off many of his local constituents, including IEA members, for his votes to reject the results of the presidential election by Congress and sympathy for the Confederate Insurrectionist that stormed the national Capitol.

“We ask that the House Speaker and Majority Leader expel Mike Bost for voting to approve the seditious objections to the election of Joe Biden for President,” the petition reads.

The petition adds that Bost’s decision to support rejecting election results “further demonstrates how out of touch he is with the will of the people in this district.”

So, why would the IEA and other union leaders push support, raise money and get out the vote for this guy?

As of Sunday morning, the petition has more than 1,200 total signatures.

Bost joined Congresswoman Mary Miller in pushing for rejection of the electoral results. Miller has garnered attention recently for quoting Hitler.

The two also supported a lawsuit led by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) in December. The lawsuit didn’t get far in the court system, with the U.S. Supreme Court saying that the motion had a ‘lack of standing‘.

Following Wednesday’s Capitol insurrection, Bost said that President Trump and his team should not be held culpable of inciting Wednesday’s violence.

“Many people have never liked how Donald Trump Speaks. He’s a New York business guy and he kind of just lets it fly out there,” Bost said. “Remember, he’s never claimed to be a politician.”

Bost is IEA’s guy.

4 thoughts on “How is it that the IEA and other unions endorsed Mike Bost for Congress, a Confederate Insurrectionist?

    1. Ha,ha…I happened to be sitting in the IL House Chambers in, when Bost was a State Representative in 2012, & started screaming, yelling & ripping up papers & throwing them into the air in “an impassioned speech” (errr–read “temper tantrum”), which he later said he was proud of (after all, it was on CNN). You can see it on YouTube.

  1. I also have stopped donating to the IEA’s political action fund, IPACE.
    The IEA leadership is its own worst enemy. Any excuse IEA leaders could make about anyone who ran against Bost being worse than Bost is absurd. Why? When given two truly bad choices, the only correct choice is neither.
    Don’t waste our time and money. Don’t destroy your own leadership credibility.
    It would be a wonderful gesture for IEA leadership to openly un-endorse and condemn Bost by asking for his resignation.

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