I don’t get why Illinois has to wait until 2025 to require $15 an hour minimum wage.

State Rep. Will Guzzardi, D-Chicago, addressed reporters to promote HB 198. It was passed but it will take until 2025 to reach $15 an hour. 

Joe Biden’s was an understatement.

Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty he said.

Then he signed an executive order raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

When my state representative Will Guzzardi, Democrat and now Majority Whip, was the lead sponsor of the minimum wage bill in 2019, I wrote then that it was too small and too incremental a roll out.

Minimum-wage workers began seeing their increases in January 2020, when the minimum rate went from $8.25 to $9.25 before increasing to $10 on July 1, 2020, and $11 on Jan. 1 2021. After that, it will increase by $1 every January until it hits $15 in 2025.

That’s too damn slow.

But now that Trump has been defeated and we have new leadership in Springfield I’m asking Representative Guzzardi and the other Democrats in Springfield to revisit the minimum wage.

If $15 an hour is good enough for Joe Biden it should be good enough for Democrats in Springfield.

5 thoughts on “I don’t get why Illinois has to wait until 2025 to require $15 an hour minimum wage.

  1. Illinois is too slow but Indiana is permanently stuck in mud. The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and, as far as I know, there is no push from our Republican Congress nor our Republican governor to do anything about it. This is a Right to Work for nothing state. Whoopee!!

  2. &–the obvious–people will need to earn a LOT more than $15/hours in 4 years.
    & for HOW long has this been going on?!

  3. Apparently, Springfield doesn’t know how the economy works because “you can’t pay today’s bills on yesterday’s budget” Get with it, Springfield!

  4. To Joni Lindgren: Springfield has lived in Budget Fantasyland for so long they’re paying rent to stay there.
    Or rather, Illinois taxpayers are, and will be doing so for eternity at the rate things are going.

    The exodus out of Illinois continues, and I’d join them if I could right now. Indiana does need to raise its minimum wage substantially (NW Indiana has been described as a suburb of Chicago, because of all the cross-border workers taking money back to Indiana), but frankly having worked since I was 16 either full or part time, and 55 now, not all jobs are worth $15 an hour. I’d go to $13, which is still a substantial increase without being excessively burdensome to employers (who also pay taxes on what they pay employees). Otherwise you’re just going to see more of the “you’re an independent contractor” and “you get no benefits” games being played by many smaller businesses (the vast majority of the U.S. businesses are small business, and don’t have the deep pockets of big-box or mega-corporation employers). A for-profit business won’t be eating these increases, and non-profits will take a hard hit without an increase in their funding to pay their employees (yes, nonprofits often have paid employees, not just volunteers). There is a balancing act to pull off so an already weak economy doesn’t completely collapse under endless wage demands without sales/donations and profits to pay for it.

  5. Well Fred, it seems that they all are following a pre-ordained script. New Jersey also reaches $15 in 2024—and that Bill was signed in 2019.It raises an interesting problems for Business Unions like the UFCW—the state is giving workers what their unions, like the UFCW fail deliver on.Of course, at 69 and a UFCW member, I can give a perspective that others can’t, won’t give, or have persuaded themselves is good for the workforce……and if I was an “union busting” firm, I would be making the claim that a union is just a scam. So my union and what purports to be a “labor movement” has shot itself in the foot.. The UFCW used to claim that it’s members received free/no premium health insurance—Gone.They used to brag that their members both full and part time, would have a no contribution defined benefit plan when they retired—–GoneOpportunity to build a half way decent life by eventually getting a full Time position—–Gone….all gone, mind you, without a fight in most cases. My local has not even taken a strike vote in 25 years—-I could go on but that would be depressing……on a positive note, we members are starting to fight back—hopefully it won’t be too late…….take care and keep writing!bob ratynskinew joisy  

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