The Kentucky love affair. The Jefferson County Education Association leadership and the legislature’s pension thieves.

C. Ed Masey, conservative Republican Kentucky legislator and pension thief.

I was tagged on a couple of tweets by the conservative Republican Kentucky legislator who is a chief sponsor of the current bill to create a two-tier pension system. It will be a major hurt on any public school teacher in Kentucky who is hired after January 1 of this coming year.

When this was tried in 2018 it led to thousands of teachers and supporters in peaceful protest at the Kentucky Capitol.

This move, done in the middle of a pandemic, was planned knowing the response would be muted by the virus.

My friend, teacher and pension activist Randy Wieck responded.

“While the leader of the Jefferson County Teachers Association testified with Massey at the interim committee Wednesday and spoke favorably of “common ground” provisions in his proposal, some other teachers remain highly skeptical, showing the scars of fierce battles in recent sessions over other plans to change teacher pensions,” reports the Courier-Journal.

The love affair between Kentucky teacher union leaders and the Republican pension thieves in the Kentucky legislature is nothing but shameful.

The passive language of Massey’s tweet about how they need additional revenue is absurd.

As if the legislature doesn’t have the power to find and raise revenue to pay for a decent pension and salary to Kentucky teachers.

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