Kentucky legislators override Governor’s veto of pension theft. Where was the KEA?

Kentucky Republican legislators voted Monday to override Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of a bill that would create a tier 2 for newly hired teachers.

The House and Senate, both with GOP supermajorities, voted to override Beshear’s veto of House Bill 258. The bill would create a “hybrid” pension tier which would include a defined contribution component for new Kentucky teachers hired starting in 2022. 

Illinois teachers already know about this. Our legislature did their version of tier 2 which they created in 2010.

That means teachers hired starting next January would be required to pay more toward their retirement and work longer before they can earn full benefits.

Opponents said HB 258 would make it more difficult to recruit people into teaching. Rep. Tina Bojanowski, D-Louisville, said the measure would make it necessary for new teachers to “work longer, pay more and end up receiving fewer benefits in the long term.”

Pension activist and teacher Randy Wieck along with many other union teachers expressed their disgust with their union which seemed to go along with the Republican efforts.

Republican Rep. C. Ed Massey of Hebron, Kentucky, pointed out the same thing, claiming that the union was involved as the bill was crafted.

“To say that this is against teachers is just a false narrative,” he said. “What this body needs to know is that the (Jefferson County Teachers Association), the (Kentucky Association of School Superintendents) and the Kentucky Department of Education asked the governor not to veto this bill.” 

Some union teachers are now calling for disaffiliation from the NEA.

2 thoughts on “Kentucky legislators override Governor’s veto of pension theft. Where was the KEA?

  1. Based on the experience of an old friend of mine who, for many decades, had been a member of various NEA chapters in Illinois, I suspect large parts of the organization would rather be an insurance company.

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