Kentucky teachers are pissed with the NEA. I get it.

First a betrayal by the state’s NEA affiliate. They helped write the Republican teacher pension theft bill.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear vetoed the pension bill that the Kentucky union helped write. The Republican legislature then overrode the veto.

You may recall that it was three years ago that Kentucky teachers were one of the loudest groups in the Red State Teacher Revolt against pension theft.

School districts across Kentucky were forced to close by a massive wildcat strike.

Through all this the NEA was invisible. The largest NEA local, the Jefferson County Education Association went AWOL.

The target of the wildcat strike, the pension theft bill, was thrown out by the state court.

The Republicans came back this year when teachers were distanced by the pandemic and passed another pension theft bill that the union helped craft.

Yep. That’s what the union did.

The 2018 Kentucky revolt was led by local long-time activists and young rank and file teachers on social media, not the NEA.

Many are disgusted and through with the NEA. Many want to affiliate with the American Federation of Teachers.

In 1998 I attended the NEA convention which voted to reject a merger of the AFT and the NEA.

I was the only Illinois delegate to my knowledge to vote in favor of merger.

I have always stood in favor of labor movement unity.

But I understand the anger and frustration of rank and file Kentucky teachers.

The NEA betrayal was nothing short of a disgrace.

I’m not sure that the AFT would be any better.

I’m not even sure that the AFT and the NEA leadership wants to get into a jurisdictional fight over representation of Kentucky teachers in the right to work state.

But Kentucky teachers are pissed.

And, boy, do I get it.

One thought on “Kentucky teachers are pissed with the NEA. I get it.

  1. I found in my old state of RI which I left, corrupt as the day is long but being a small state no one outside the state really knows or cares) that the union leadership were in bed with the treasurer at the time, gina raimondo, now the Commerce Secretary in the Biden Admin. Why he ever picked her is a story for another day since she screwed 63,000 pensions, 23,000 of them retirees by taking pension cola away and RI’s NEA, the AFT and the AFT-R unions supported her pension reform back in 2011. The union leadership were able to bamboozle the teachers into thinking that losing COLA and changing the pension where teachers now have to work till 67+, put in more contribution and get less when they retire, plus those already retired do not get the full 100% of working teachers because the reform split the working teachers into two pensions…so we retirees get only 35% while the other 65% goes into a 401K for them. In essence, that witch split the union which was already in disarray with her pension reform. My advice.., stay string as one…don’t let your politicians if they are as corrupt and greedy as the ones in RI, split up people.
    All I know is now10 years later, I lost thousands and thousands of COLA dollars of my own pension money because of this so-called reform– one that was a in a contract that the then-treasurer raimondo with Wall St, the legislature and the union leadership, who did not want to give up their own status quo and perks- broke…A contract that all three branches of the RI government were in collusion with…The judges in RI knew what was going down and they were “bought” -can’t prove it but ask any teacher or retiree, who like me, spent good money trying to fight the results and lost…we know we would never win in a state court..esp. when the pension judge slapped a gag order for a year keeping nontransparent talks between raimondo and the union leadership-rank and file not privy to what was fact I was on exec board at the time in AFT-R and we could not go to any of the sessions..And because I did not agree with the leadership, I was thrown off the board so I have no use for unions. They do what the politicians tell them what to do and in the case of RI, it was the treasurer who made a deal with the legislature an the unions. So… to ask me being thrown off the union board for not going along with pension reform, and to ask my retiree colleagues, they will tell you what they think of unions…and it ain’t pretty. The difference is RI is a very blue state and still the democratic state officials, judges, lawyers, and both the Senate & Gen Assembly members (all democratic- I think there are 5-6 republicans only!) voted against the teacher union which by the way I always said to the judge when I testified in court, that we, too are taxpayers of the state. Bottom line…raimondo with the unions screwed the rank and file who did not fight their own leadership that they should have thrown out but were too chicken to do.

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