Student privacy. HB256


Hi Fred! 
Thank you for posting about the edTPA videotaping bill. It was HB256, but that bill disappeared with the end of lame duck session. 
So, the current incarnation is SB808-SFA1. (= the language is in an education shell bell that’s being amended.)
People can put in a witness slip at this linkas a proponent of SFA1 for the hearing scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm.
It still has the same chief sponsor in the Senate, Laura Murphy (D-Park Ridge); she is a big advocate for protections for domestic violence victims, which is why she took on this bill. 
It doesn’t have an equivalent bill in the House, but with any luck it should move over there as SB808.
Support HB256, Rep. Will Guzzardi and Sen. Laura Murphy

Senate Chief Co-Sponsors: Iris Martinez, Bill Cunningham. Senate Co-Sponsors: Craig Wilcox, Dale Righter, Julie Morrison, Robert Peters, Robert Martwick.

House Co-Sponsors: Steven Reick, Mary E. Flowers, Tony McCombie, Sue Scherer, Linda Chapa LaVia, Katie Stuart, Michael Halpin, Robyn Gabel, Yehiel M. Kalish, Jonathan Carroll and John Connor.

Student teachers in Illinois must videotape themselves and their students to pass the edTPA, an assessment required for their teaching license. Video is uploaded and sent to Pearson, Inc. for evaluation by third-party contractors.

● Student teachers are pressured to record hours of footage so they can select two short segments that cannot be edited.

● Images of children can easily be viewed by unauthorized people. Recording devices can be lost or stolen. Video is often uploaded to cloud-based platforms and the internet. The process lacks a secure chain of custody needed to keep images safe.

● Images and the privacy of thousands of children, including elementary and special education students, are vulnerable to multiple cybersecurity threats–including facial recognition software and location tracking–on the video submitted to Pearson, as well as the hours of video filmed but not submitted.

● Pearson recently experienced a massive data privacy breach affecting more than 13,000 US schools and universities. This breach affected the personal information of at least 80K students in dozens of school districts throughout Illinois.

It doesn’t have to be this way:

● Illinois is one of only 12 states that require the edTPA for licensure. 32 states (including Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri) and the District of Columbia do not. Other evidence-based assessments exist that don’t threaten student privacy by requiring videotaping. ISBE must find another evidence-based licensure assessment that doesn’t pose this threat.

HB256 protects student privacy:

● The bill states that student teachers may not be required to videotape themselves or their students in order to earn a license. Teacher education programs may still videotape for in-house teaching purposes. Licensed teachers or administrators may still videotape students in order to gain National Board Certification or for such purposes as training, sporting events, or promotional materials.

HB256 has the support of: Illinois Families for Public Schools (formerly Raise Your Hand Action), the Digital Privacy Alliance, The ARC of Illinois, and the IFT.

Questions: Julie Peters,, University of Illinois at Chicago; Sandra Deines,, Retired teacher, D207; Cassie Creswell,, Illinois Families for Public Schools

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