Chicago’s population loss among immigrants and African Americans.

If all you ever knew about the demographic shift in Chicago’s population was from Greg Hinz and Crain’s you would think it’s all about rich people and corporations leaving to avoid taxes.

The facts tell a very different story.

Since Harold Washington died 30 years ago 300,000 African Americans have left Chicago due to violence and, loss of good paying union jobs and community disinvestment.

WBEZ reports that Mexican immigration into Chicago has come to a total stop.

100,000 Mexican immigrants have left the City in the last ten years.

That is equivalent to the entire population of the community of Lakeview.

It began with Obama.

Former President Barack Obama took office in 2009 and quickly shifted operations from workplace enforcement to beefing up programs like Secure Communities and increased enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border. Funding for federal immigration enforcement grew, reaching nearly $18 billion, according to a Migration Policy report. Within a few years, Obama had deported more immigrants than his predecessors and immigrant rights activists started calling him the “Deporter-in-Chief.” The majority of immigrants deported were Mexican.

At the same time the city has become a magnet for corporate headquarters and highly paid professional white people in spite of the pandemic.

While there was a brief downturn in downtown and lakefront condo sales over the past year due to the pandemic, sales are back up again.

The map tells the story.

Communities on the south and west side continue to lose population.

North, the Loop and lakefront have seen increases.

Chicago’s ethnic cleansing continues.

One thought on “Chicago’s population loss among immigrants and African Americans.

  1. Policy makers have always treated the South Side and South Suburbs as the “poor relations” and as a dumping ground, whether it was polluting industries or concentrating Section 8 housing to continue promoting segregation. My parents were subjected to the pressure of frequent phone calls from real estate brokers and agents who profited off of block-busting.

    My hope is that the south side and inner-ring southern suburbs can someday be revitalized in a way that benefits ALL, not just the wealthy developers who profiteer off of pollution and segregation while living in their pristine mansions along the north shore.

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