Chicago metro should get two Latinx Congressional districts.

Chicago’s only Latinix Congressman, Jesus Chuy Garcia.

The latest census figures show Illinois’ population down around 7,000 people in the last ten years.

The result is that we will be one of the states that loses representation in Congress. We will lose one seat.

I think downstate Republicans should lose two and Chicago’s Latinx population should gain one.

The country will not be ill-served by drawing Congressional lines that eliminate Trump Republicans like Mary Miller and Mike Bost or the NRA-backed Rodney Davis.

Governor Pritzker has already announced he does not support handing over the drawing of district lines to a computer or a committee.

Democrats will decide.

Sure. They will put up a front of being all bi-partisan.

But Democrats will decide.

Like Republicans will decide in Texas.

I live in Chicago’s 4th Congressional District. We are represented well by Chuy Garcia. But in order to represent Chicago’s Latinx population, years ago they had to draw the 4th in a way that includes Pilsen and Little Village on the southwest side and also include Latinx voters up here on the northwest side.

The district is always included when someone is looking for a crazy shaped gerrymandered district.

But at the time district lines were drawn the odd shape served a very democratic purpose. It was the only way to provide for any Latinx representation.

Chicago’s metro area Latinx population has grown to over a million since the 4th CD was first created.

It’s time to create two predominantly Latinx districts for Illinois.

The Democrats can do this.

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