Splitting apart at the seams.

Liz Cheney, whose father is an indisputable war criminal, sees the writing on the wall, I think.

Avoiding a recorded vote to oust her from her ranking caucus position, the Republican House members chose to vote by voice.

Maybe we will find out how Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis voted. Maybe we won’t.

Republicans like Davis have always tried to walk the line between being a NRA supporter and receiving teacher union endorsements.

But, there seems to be little future for them in the current GOP short term.

Even for a far-right political figure like Liz.


On the other hand these developments serve to consolidate the openly fascist Trumpers in the GOP.

That’s good news and bad news, since the Trumpers are not bound by any traditional rules of normal democratic politics.

For the Democrats and Biden, it suggests slim chances if success for Biden’s efforts at bipartisanship to advance the current legislative agenda other than peeling off a few votes.


To succeed, the Democrats must go it alone. And they can.

While those like Cheney reject a Trumpist view of the world, they remain ultra-reactionary when it comes to healthcare and other social programs that Biden and the Democrats are trying to pursue.

Hopefully, this will free up the Democrats from the ball and chain of hopeless bipartisanship.

Those like Cheney obviously believe that, strategically, a split now will strengthen them for the long haul.

There is talk about an actual split in the Republicans with those like Cheney forming a new party.

They might be right if the old party is splitting apart at the seams anyway.

2 thoughts on “Splitting apart at the seams.

  1. Liz Cheney is preparing herself for a 2024 presidential run. Remember that she is a Cheney, and nothing appears to be what it is.

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