Ken Previti on Medicare and prescription drugs.

I am on Medicare and also have secondary insurance and prescription drug coverage that I pay for. I, personally, have two obscenely expensive prescriptions that are much, much cheaper in other countries. I need them to live.

Yes, I can presently pay for them and feel fortunate to be able to do so, but many, many others I know could not do so.

In the wealthiest country in the history of the world, this scam is outrageous. The system is not broken. The system works perfectly for the oligarchs and corporations who legally bribe the politicians of both parties to write laws that make this scan legal.

The average life expectancy for men in Italy is 80.5 and in Japan is 81.5. (Both countries lost in WWII. Both have totally different forms of government and different diets. Both have forms of universal healthcare.)

In the USA male life expectancy is 76.1. How much suffering due to lack of medical care prior to death is anyone’s guess.

Today’s Americans under 45 have massive numbers of uninsured and underinsured people. Life expectancy charts for them are dismal. Politicians know this.

Corruption as government is bipartisan and deadly.

2 thoughts on “Ken Previti on Medicare and prescription drugs.

  1. By the way, my eye and dental expenses are mounting as expected at my age. If eyesight, hearing and chewing food are not essential for health, what is?

    Meanwhile the hot news issues today are about the Queen of England’s reaction to her grandchild’s name, mean tweets, Dr Fauci’s old emails, Trump’s comments about running for the presidency in 2024 or running for Speaker of the House in 2022, and Biden bicycling and weight lifting with his wife.

    1. The MSM deliberately avoids covering the real issues – wage stagnation, charter school corruption, pension theft, a tattered social safety net, corporate/banker malfeasance and our Greedcare system. Far better to diver the masses with the news about the latest spawn of the British royals. SMDH

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