Repeat after me: Medicare needs to cover dental, vision and hearing.

Wakarusa, Indiana. 2009.

New York Times Retirement columnist Mark Miller addresses the issue we have been raising for a long time. For retired people like me – I’m entering my tenth year of retirement and about to turn 73, the failure of Medicare to provide dental, vision and hearing coverage is a scandal.

First let me say that all these issues would be solved with a national health care system that treats health care as a life-time right of living in this country.

Like the rest of the industrialized world.


Those like Bernie Sanders argues for an expansion of Medicare to cover these health care essentials.

“These areas of health are really fundamental parts of our everyday living,” said Amber Willink, lead author of the study and an associate professor at the University of Sydney in Australia. “Good oral health, hearing and vision are things that we often just take for granted, but they are so fundamental to our daily needs, especially when it comes to improving and maintaining our health as we get older.”

Read the entire Mark Miller column linked above.

5 thoughts on “Repeat after me: Medicare needs to cover dental, vision and hearing.

  1. Ignoring dental, vision and hearing as essential medical coverage is yet another political reality simply because lobbyists and Super PACs in those industries are political donors. Legalizing bribes and using euphemisms for corruption as government has worsened America.
    George Orwell stated, “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    Today, our government refuses to care about any “evidence of your eyes and ears.” Your eyes and ears and your dental health which you need to eat and digest well.
    Yes, Medicare needs to include these in the wealthiest and most militarily powerful country in the history of the world.
    By the way, vision, hearing and dental health are necessities for people of all ages.
    Yes, Medicare for All is also a necessity in the USA. The modern definition for a successful country is a government that meets the needs of its people.

  2. America is currently designed to mostly meet the opulent needs of our Wall Street Corporate Overlords and their minions…time for a new design.

  3. “Tax the rich…feed the poor…’till there are no rich no more”…must send chills down rich spines, eh?

    The time of justification is upon us?

  4. What are a billionaire’s needs…exactly.

    No one “needs” three Yachts and nine big fine houses…while across our Country, hungry kids need a school lunch to survive.

    Shame still has it’s place in Society?

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