Socialist Canada? Okay. But with vision and dental.

Expanding Medicare coverage to vision, hearing and dental would make all the difference in the world to those of us who are elderly.  Current out-of-pocket costs are simply not sustainable for the majority of us who have limited retirement savings and depend on Social Security or nothing at all.

Democratic Party leaders are at least giving lip service to a Medicare expansion plan and Bernie, who has been pushing for it all along, has given his approval to the leadership proposal.

The right-wing has gone bonkers.

Says the National Review:

“Though Medicare is in dire need of reform, Democrats say they want to add dental, vision, and hearing benefits to the program. This is such an incredibly irresponsible idea that even Canada, often touted as a generous socialist system, does not include vision and dental care in its universal care program. The idea that there is an urgent need to make our Medicare system more expansive than our socialist neighbor’s is absurd on its face, but it is an even worse idea when considering fiscal reality.”

Socialist Canada?

Hey. If by socialist Canada they mean Canada has a fairly rational national healthcare system, bring it on.

Nobody seems to be fleeing Canada for lack of a doctor’s appointment.

I have family and friends in this country who must wait months to see a doctor for anything less than an immediate life-threatening emergency. And then be billed an arm and a leg, no pun intended.

For those in the younger age group who may not be aware, Medicare is not free and is a very limited system in what it covers. Nearly everything short of catastrophic health care requires additional private paid-for coverage as do prescription drugs.

And dental, vision and hearing requires even additional coverage.

To be adequately covered costs thousands of dollars a year to a demographic group that cannot afford it. The average teacher pension in Illinois is $50 thousand dollars a year.

The folks at National Review argue that Medicare expansion is a step towards national healthcare like Canada.

I hope so.

With dental and vision.

5 thoughts on “Socialist Canada? Okay. But with vision and dental.

  1. Fred, I always thought Canada was my go-to for all things democratic. My sister and brother-in-law have lived across the country since the late 60’s and have had reasonably good medical care wherever they lived. Until the pandemic…. my brother-in-law just died of bile duct cancer and had NO cancer treatment whatsoever. Ontario’s famous Princess Margaret Cancer Hospital blamed the pandemic for closing them down. That of course made no sense, since the oncologists and their staffs were not enlisted to work in Covid hospitals, nor was PM converted to Covid care. The only care my brother-in-law received was at the ER of the local hospital, and that was major pain relief for the last 10 days of his life.

    I finally received permission from the Public Health Agency of Canada (10 days after application) to cross the border for “compassionate” reasons, but not in time to see him before he died. When I did cross, an officious border agent overruled my exemption from quarantine and made me do so for 14 days at the home of my sister. I was not allowed to leave her property and was warned of surprise visits from officials. Penalty was $750,000 and/or jail time. That’s an interesting definition of “compassion.”

    So, now you’ve heard another story about medicine in Canada.

    Ginny Ayers, fellow retired educator and member of IRTA.

  2. I don’t know how its going to work out yet, but I went to my audiologist’s office to get my aids cleaned and arrange for new aids and she for the first time ever asked to see my insurance card. I have the Medicare Advantage PPO through the state Trail retired teacher’s program. She said the insurance companies have been wising up about hearing aids and their ability to prevent dementia and they will probably pay for my new aids. She called Monday and said they contacted my insurance and they will pay for everything…my new “high end” aids, and the charger device, and something else, (I can’t remember). So I have an appointment in August to get my new aids and charger. I will use my iPhone to control the sound. In the past I have paid over $3,000 each for 2 aids since about 49. This audiologist specializes in tinnitus which I have also had since age 40 at least. At the time an ENT said “get over it”. Pat Herrmann

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  3. I personally know two married couple who lived near me in Florida who moved to Canada because of health problems.
    The husband of the first couple is a Canadian citizen who has lived in Florida for over ten years. His wife would not be allowed to work in Canada unless it is in a needed job that Canadian citizens cannot fill. She is a nurse and has a full time job.
    The second couple are retired, and the wife is a Canadian citizen who has lived in Florida for over 25 years.
    Both situations have been for the better regarding their health problems. They all miss the warm climate in Florida but are healthy and not bankrupted in Canada.
    We ourselves could not move to Canada because retirees from America cannot be covered by their healthcare system.

  4. America is the greatest country ever on Earth… says the wealthy class to the blind toothless poor class…over and over again…and again.

    If poor people get glasses…they might see a need for systemic change?

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