Can you see our schools from outer space?

When billionaire Jeff Bezos spent his ten minutes or so in space this morning, looking down on us. I bet it was a beautiful sight.

But Education Week describes what he couldn’t see from his seat in his personal space ship.

They polled teachers and administrators.

Thirty-one percent of principals and district leaders said leaking or old roofs are an urgent concern. 

Twenty-nine percent said the same about the poor condition of floors. Almost as many reported poor ventilation. 

Other issues that more than 10 percent of respondents said were urgent include deteriorating athletic fields and playgrounds, the lack of full accessibility for people with disabilities, insufficient security systems, cracked or drafty windows, overcrowding, crumbling foundation, and broken landscaping.

Nine percent of principals and district leaders said asbestos is an urgent concern; 8 percent cited insufficient, dangerous, or old electrical wiring; and 7 percent cited mold.

“The trailer I am currently teaching in is 50 years old and the walls and floors have been replaced numerous times due to rot and mold,” one teacher reported.

2 thoughts on “Can you see our schools from outer space?

  1. This article from Truthout reflects how I feel.
    Poverty Wages and Tax Dodging Funded Bezos’s Ridiculous Space Trip
    July 21, 2021

    …Instead of lauding Bezos’s late-blooming philanthropy, we should be asking ourselves: Why is it OK for anyone to have the amount of money that Bezos has, when so much of the world has so little?

    Moreover, we should consider the manner in which that fortune was amassed. Amazon, Bezos’s massive company, came to be a $1.5 trillion economic juggernaut by using brazenly monopolistic tactics to either buy up rivals or run them off the road. The company pays almost nothing in taxes, and to pad the bottom line, Amazon has become one of the most notorious union-busting corporations on Earth….

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