I received my first vaccination back in January. Second two weeks later.

I can’t believe getting a vaccination is an issue.

I follow CDC guidelines to the letter. I’ve always been obsessive about getting my shots. As a teacher it is too easy to get the flu when you see 500 kids a week. I missed it one year and got the flu. A bad case of it. Once, when I heard a teacher in our building had a case of the whooping cough, I was at the clinic as soon as the school day was over with a needle in my arm.

I’ve been nose swabbed six times before the vaccine. They were never pleasant experiences. I never imagined a stick could go that far up my nose.

So, night before last I woke at about 1AM feeling warm. I took my temperature and it was 100.1 and I was coughing. At 1AM every body ache seems worse. At 50 I had a heart attack at 1AM. So a low-grade fever at 1AM was certainly a case of break through Covid. I was convinced.

I left a my-chart message with my doctor and spent the rest of the morning binge watching a show on Hulu about a high school kid who came out as Gay.

I got thru five episodes when about 11, the doctor called me back. Take some Tylenol for the fever. Stay hydrated. And she said it would be a good idea to get a Covid test. There are a lot of viruses going around right now she said, partly because we have done such a good job of staying isolated. But the vaccine isn’t 100% and I probably didn’t have Covid and even if I did I would probably just feel shitty. I would want to know and not infect anybody else.

I made an appointment at CVS over on Southport. The diffference now is I had to stick the swab up my own nose. Ten swipes up each nostril. Not bad actually. Only an inch up the nose. And an hour later I got the results. No Covid. And this morning the fever is gone.

I wonder how the Gay kid is doing.

2 thoughts on “Self-swabbing.

  1. The Shield program developed by the U of Illinois is fantastic. It’s an easy spit test and you find out the results in a few hours. I believe schools in IL have the opportunity to take advantage of this Shield program for free. Hoping they do!

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