The WEP/GPO is pure theft.

A recent post on the federal laws that prevent teacher retirees in state pension systems from collecting their earned Social Security benefits got a lot of response.

As did the news that we teachers in a teacher retirement system lose all rights to Social Security spousal benefits if we outlive our spouses who collect Social Security.

Just one of the punitive aspects of the WEP/GPO is that a teacher is impacted by this provision in a most indefensible manner. The spouse will have paid a hefty amount into Social Security by his/her retirement age – likely well into six figures (and double that when allowing for the employer’s equal contribution). 

Should that spouse die, the surviving school teacher will receive not a single dime of the spouse’s contributions. Nothing.

Pure theft.

A Twitter response.

No offense to Massachusetts representative Richie Neal, but I’ve heard this before.

Illinois Republican congressman Rodney Davis (a fave of the Illinois Education Association) has also introduced legislation to do away with WEP/GPO.

But nothing happens.

It seems there has been a bill to eliminate the WEP/GPO around for at least 15 years with nothing to show for it.

Among the co-sponsors of one Republican-authored resolution are 77 Democrats, meaning the bill appears to have widespread bipartisan support. 

These bills collect co-sponsors like we collected baseball cards as kids.

But it never passes

3 thoughts on “The WEP/GPO is pure theft.

  1. Hi Fred……..One of these days, I will talk with you about this topic…….Prayers, Best wishes, cris

  2. Both my husband and I contributed to Social Security for decades. He has paid in for 40+ years; I paid in for 30+ years. Late in life, we got full-time public-sector jobs (we are both Tier 1’s due to earlier public service/part-time teaching at the community college.)

    I fear we may be in for a double whammy: smaller IMRF & TRS pensions, as well as reduced Social Security.

    Nothing will happen with this issue; politicians will ignore it until they think it will go away, like the “notch babies” who received lesser SS benefits.

    Those politicians will be in for a surprise when the Tier 2 ship runs aground when those paltry pensions fail to meet the “safe harbor” test.

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