In the middle of the pandemic Burger King said work sick or go home with no pay.

In 2017 the Chicago City Council passed a sick leave ordinance that required companies doing business here to provide 5 sick days a year to their workers. It passed 48 to nothing.

In typical City Council style, it was a grand gesture that went on the shelf to collect dust until 2019 when an office was created to actually enforce a number of pro-worker laws that the Council has enacted regarding sick leave, scheduling and minimum wage.

The office was given a budget and five investigators.

Yesterday we saw some results.

Major props to one of my favorite alders, Susan Sadlowski Garza who headed the work force committee in Council and to one of my favorite organizations, Arise Chicago.

The city of Chicago reached settlements worth more than $1.1 million with Mondelez and a Burger King franchisee for alleged violations of its paid sick leave ordinance.

The separate agreements, announced Thursday, include $935,000 in restitution for almost 3,000 Chicago workers allegedly denied full sick leave benefits under the city’s 2017 law.

A footnote to the story is the relationship of Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle, Alder “Slow” Eddie Burke and Tri-City Foods, which owns the Burger Kings.

See,  it was Tri-City Foods that refused to pay sick leave to 2,473 employees at 40 Burger King locations in Chicago from July 2017 through November 2020.

Work sick or go home without pay they said in the middle of a pandemic.

And it was Tri-City’s CEO  Shoukat Dhanani who gave $10,000 to County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s mayoral campaign. The donation was arranged by “Slow” Eddie.

Many believe it was the news of Preckwinkle’s money relationship to Eddie Burke that sunk her campaign for mayor.

4 thoughts on “In the middle of the pandemic Burger King said work sick or go home with no pay.

  1. I have a friend who works for Office Depot in Florida. She was promoted to being a manager and has been with this company for over a year and a half. The head manager, who above her and sets schedules, will not let her take a sick day nor give her any vacation time off. He retaliates viciously against anyone who takes time off or anyone who doesn’t agree with what he says. He spends most of his days ‘at work’ sitting in his office looking at videos from cameras. He has a ‘pet’ manager who doesn’t do his required job. This fellow is given 4 people to work with him while my friend is often given only 2. She came home last night sore all over from pushing boxes around.

    She sometimes works until 10:00pm at night and has to be in the store at 8:00AM the next morning. On her last check she made a little over $200…for two weeks of work. She wants very much to leave this horrible job. She still takes over the counter medication because she doesn’t have the money to see a doctor. The stress of this place is horrible. She is looking to find a place to live in another city.

    The air conditioning is kept at 89 and people are sweating all day. Office Depot pays poorly and people who are good workers workers quit. My friend rarely gets even 15 minutes to eat lunch. Most days she constantly runs all over the store and can’t even sit down for a few minutes.

    McDonalds pays more than Office Depot.

    There is something seriously wrong with this country.

    1. Agreed there is something very wrong with this. I’ve had terrible bosses in both private & public sector -and a few terrific bosses. Hope she finds something that works out well.

  2. Spelling Test

    Until we have real political progressive change, this continues.
    Susan Sadlowski Garza is part of that positive change.

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