Alderman gardiner should resign from the city council.

45th Ward constituents to Alderman Gardiner. “Show some spine and resign.” Picture from a WTTW video.

Full disclosure.

Joanna Klonsky is my niece. Anne Emerson is my friend. Alderman Tom Tunney makes the best cinnamon roles, which I devour while waiting for Ulysses at our dog’s vet which is next to one of Tunney’s Anne Sather’s restaurant outlets.

But none of that matters.

Now under investigation by the feds for pay to play deals, Gardiner got outed by a local community organization and on Twitter for social media messaging calling my friends bitches and cunts and for threats and intimidation of ward opponents.

To me this should be enough to throw the guy out office.

One alderman called for censure.

But they have the power to expel him.

And they should.

On the other hand, indicted Alderman Eddie Burke still has a desk after more than a year, so I’m not expecting much.

Yesterday Gardiner apologized to the council.

As the mayor pointed out, that was not the group he should be apologizing to.

He is hiding from the press and his constituents.

Using bitch and cunt to describe anyone is bad enough, but Gardiner is accused of gangsterism intimidation of constituents who disagreed with him.

He blocked the construction of affordable housing for seniors and veterans in his north west side ward for over a year.

Another disclosure. I was a supporter of former alderman John Arena who Gardiner defeated. John was one of the council’s best and it is the city’s loss that he no longer there even if he wasn’t replaced by one of the council’s worst.

2 thoughts on “Alderman gardiner should resign from the city council.

  1. Freddie,
    So indictment is enough, don’t need a conviction? No “due process” and all that.
    This guy should resign for terminal stupidity, if nothing else. Why some people insist on documenting
    the fact they are an asshole is beyond me. The “pay for play” stuff will run it’s course and what happens happens.
    A Chicago alderman, what did you expect?
    Meanwhile, any thoughts on da mayor deciding to fix the gang problem with civil lawsuits?
    Brilliant, just f’ing brilliant!!!

    1. Only my friends and my aunts get to call me Freddie. “Due process” in the courts is one thing. The council has it’s own rules and procedures. I expect elected officials, alderman included, to abide by the law and follow the rules. As for our Mayor, I think she is doing the best she can in the most difficult of circumstances. I hear nothing from you as to what can be done by a mayor to stop the gun violence.

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