6 thoughts on “To my Ny teacher friends.

  1. We have this in Illinois. This is a cash cow for the insurance brokers, insurance companies, and insurance lobbyists. Insurance brokers are paid more and quicker for Medicare advantage plans. Brokers make a set amount for traditional Medicare supplements each month but they get twice as much and in a lump sum for Medicare Advantage plans. So straight up corruption. I’ve tried to get the IRTA to take an interest in this but without success.

      1. Of course, Fred: it’s TERRIBLE that they’re doing this in NY.

        I was replying to Mike Barrett’s comment about Illinois, where this is not (thank G-d) happening.

        I have friends & relatives in NY, & I forwarded this post to EVERYONE, telling them to forward it to EVERYONE, & that they must clog up the streets, much as the CTU (bless Karen Lewis, o.b.m.) did w/their “sea of red.” I have also suggested that if people have friends in SAG/AFTRA & can get anyone from Broadway involved, so much the better.

      2. Right. I agree that a shift to Medicare Advantage is moving to privatize. In Illinois we need to move away from Medicare Advantage to a fully public system.

    1. Yes, all of the IL state funded Medicare plans are Medicare Advantage. We are not allowed to pick a Medigap plan if we want state funding. I chose a Medigap plan because the coverage is better and not really that much more.

      You are mistaken—we have no choice if we want Original Medicare we have to forego state subsidies.

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