Pritzker Family Foundation gets huge returns for their “investment” in Pay for Success social impact bonds. Profits for the reduction of special ed services.

When Illinois Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker touts his involvement in early childhood programs,  he is mostly talking about his family foundation’s investments, along with Goldman Sachs, in Pay for Success social impact bonds. In 2015 I wrote about Pay for Success and social impact bonds (aka: sibs). In Chicago, CPS and Mayor Rahm […]

New Hampshire’s Senate Bill 503 would allow “Pay For Success” Social Impact Bonds in pre-schools.

-by Kevin Ohlandt New Hampshire has a current bill which would allow investors to finance pre-schools in an effort to prevent special education remediation.  This “pay for success” program is actually Social Impact Bonds.  This latest craze by investors in education is extremely dangerous and should not even be a consideration anywhere in a child’s […]

Social Impact Bonds are just another form of privatization. Bad news for Special Needs students.

Pat Quinn brought Social Impact Bonds to Illinois. Special education advocate Bev Johns has written here warning about the impact of Social Impact Bonds on special education services. What are Social Impact Bonds (SIBs)? They have become a favorite privatization tool of corporate Democrats and others. Wall Street loves them. Also known as Pay for […]

My best blog posts of 2017.

Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue about Susan B. Anthony or Frederick Douglass. What they just did to the Illinois teacher pension system. Park Ridge District 64 board member calls Women’s March, “screeching vaginas.” Retired teacher Lee Talley and the crooked Lincoln-Way superintendent, Lawrence Wyllie. Pritzker Family Foundation gets huge returns for their “investment” in Pay for Success […]

The first winter Sunday.

This week’s drawings. . Download Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers podcasts. . This week’s tweets: He’s not fighting for his life; he’s fighting for a job that he never earned. I’ll fight for the people of the Third District. #IL03 — Marie Newman (@Marie4Congress) December 16, 2017 Keeping retirement real. Ed Rosenthal. More […]

Teachers union endorses Pritzker in spite of his family foundation role in Pay for Success and profiting off special needs push out.

In the previous post I reported on the fact that the Pritzker Family Foundation and Goldman Sachs are dividing $34 million profit from social impact bonds (sibs) called Pay for Success. Pay for Success is a CPS early childhood program that uses private investments from Goldlman Sachs and Pritzker and pays a return based on […]