The “Duncan Rules.”

USDE boss Arne Duncan has issued his rules to states  for getting a share of the piddly $3.5 billion in school improvement grant money. 1. Fire the principal and half the staff, or 2. Close the school and give it to a private management company, or 3. Close the school and send the students to […]

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Friday Duncan wrap-up.

Herb Kohl says Arne misread his book. Rethinking Schools on the myth of the “Chicago Miracle.” Duncan pals around with Rubert Murdoch. Catalyst reports new evidence of Duncan’s failure to improve Chicago high schools. Duncan speech focuses on Teach for America. Offers them millions of stimulus bucks. Is this Bipartisanship  crap giving you the creeps? Is […]

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Arne’s stick.

In These Times’ Michelle Chen wonders if the Arne’s Race to the Top will leave teachers at the starting line. As the Obama administration funnels stimulus money into public schools, states will compete for a $4.3 billion fund known as Race to the Top. But the strings attached to the money reflect a vision for […]

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WSJ joins piling on Duncan.

Saturday, the Wall Street Journal ran with a story titled, Second City Ruse. It is a rehash of the complaints of their pals in the Civic Committee who published a report several weeks ago attacking CPS test scores. No need to defend Duncan on this stuff. He made his deal with the devils in the […]

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