A federal government shut-down means nothing to the jerks who run the Illinois teacher retirement health insurance program.

Bev Johns sent me this remarkable letter from CMS, the management firm that runs the Teacher Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP).

Letter, 4 pages printed on both sides of two legal size pieces
of paper, is from CMS and HMS Employer Solutions
in Jeffersonville, Indiana.


The first paragraph:
“To ensure that only eligible dependents are covered
under Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP),
the Illinois Department of Central Management Services
(CMS) has retained the services of HMS Employer
Solutions (HMS), an independent firm, to conduct a
dependent eligibility verification audit.”

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS by October 25, 2013:

“REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – All Required Documents
MUST [underlined] include date and/or year, employee
name, and dependent’s name.
“A copy of the front page of your 2012 federal tax return
transcript** identifying this dependent as your spouse; AND
a document dated within the last 60 days showing current
relationship status such as a bank, mortgage or credit
card statement listing both names, or a Property Tax
Statement issued within the past 12 months listing both names.”

**NOTE: Review FAQ #13 for information on how to obtain a
federal tax return transcript at no cost to you.”

“Q13: How do I get a federal tax return transcript?
You must provide a copy of the front page of your federal tax
return TRANSCRIPT [emphasis added] ….” Then it states
how to contact IRS to get the transcript in 7 to 10 days.

Enclosed is prepaid postage “Business Reply Mail” to HMS
in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Apparently CMS has hired HMS to make sure us old folks aren’t trying to pull some stuff.

First of all, your spouse better be living with you. None of that she’s painting in Paris and I’m writing a novel in Kankakee. And your bank accounts better be joint ones. And if you women teachers think you can have your own private credit card. Think again.

But the amazing thing about receiving this letter on September 30 is that you have 7 to 10 days to get a federal tax transcript from the IRS.

There’s a probable federal government shut-down midnight tonight.

Good luck with that.

The insurance companies are happy. And so am I. I guess.

In the summer of 2009, Anne and I drove to Wakarusa, Indiana to support Obama’s plan for health care with a public option.

Great. The Supreme Court decided people without health insurance shouldn’t die.

What a country.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Obamacare got past the crazies like Scalia, Alioto and Thomas on the Supreme Court. Millions of people are better off because of the decision. I don’t treat that lightly.

I’ve read a lot of articles in the last 24 hours that tried to explain the Roberts’ vote. I now know more about the Commerce Clause than I ever thought I would.

I’ve decided that Roberts’ change of heart was a Roger Sterling thing.

Of all the jerk guys on Mad Men, Roger is the biggest pig of them all. But this season he dropped some acid and he mellowed out. A little.

I think Roberts dropped some acid and had a vision.

He saw poor people.

In a couple of days, he’ll crash and realize what he’s done and be really pissed off.

That’s my theory, anyway.

Meanwhile, they  put the final nail in the coffin of single-payer health care in my life time. Which given the power of money in elections as a result of Citizens United (why didn’t Roberts do some acid on that one?) was probably true either way.

A little reported story coming out of the court decision is that the part of Obamacare that guaranteed Medicaid for all poor people in the United States was thrown out. Millions of people in poverty that were going to be covered now won’t be.

Poor people.

Even Obama’s appointed Justice Kagan voted against that one. I don’t think she does acid.

The in box. Candy in the classroom.

When I wrote about candy in the classroom the other day, I was targeting the bureaucratic and dishonest way in which some administrators deal with issues. The issue of food allergies and the issue of childhood obesity, on the other hand, are real.

A friend writes:

Hi Fred,
I live in fear that the school will give a peanut type candy to my child. It already happened once. In a “nut free” classroom, my boy was given candy with nuts to put in his backpack. While driving the couple of blocks home, he got to it, ate it and had a severe allergic reaction. His lips started cracking, throat started closing and his eyes bulged huge. In the emergency room, I watched as he was given epinephrine  and monitored his breathing. This has to be one of the most frightening experiences of my life, to watch and wait to see if my child was going to be okay from a stupid candy bar. I had to watch him for days, as the severe reaction could return at any time, until the peanuts were completely out of his system. Did the school know about their allergy? Yes! Did the teacher know about their allergy? Yes! Was the teacher too busy to check to see what candy came into the classroom? Yes! Did she look to see if they put it in their backpacks? No! Could it have cost them their lives? Yes! I should be able to go to work and not live in fear that the school will accidentally kill my children with candy. It could have been a funeral all because we don’t want to take the fun out of a school party. Believe it or not, there are other ways of having fun at a school party that don’t include food. He is now learning to read the allergens on all food products. But let’s face it. He is impulsive like any other child, and loves candy. He trusts friends, family and teachers, no matter how often I tell him how severe their allergy is and the fact that he could die from it. Everyone makes mistakes. Life and death mistakes for a classroom party are not necessary.

Pritzker poisons NATO officials.

Penny Pritzker. Hyatt owner. Pal of Obama and Emanuel. Member of CPS Board of Ed.

The McCormick Hyatt is where most of the NATO delegates were staying this weekend. It is attached to the gigantic McCormick Convention Center and was in the Green Zone.

As readers of this blog know, Hyatt is owned by the Pritzker family. The Pritzkers are close friends and financial supporters of President Obama and Mayor Emanuel. Members of the Pritzker family are major backers of the anti-teacher union group, Stand for Children.

Penny Pritzker was appointed by Emanuel to the Chicago Board of Education.

The Pritzker’s have refused to come to a labor agreement with UNITE HERE, the union that represents their hotel employees. The dispute has gone on for over two years.

UNiTE HERE has asked folks not to stay at Hyatt Hotels.

Did NATO officials listen?


They got food poisoning.

Where I come from, that’s called justice.

What if Senator Mark Kirk had worked at Wal-Mart?

Phil Kadner in the Southtown:

Kirk’s facing a difficult recovery process. But he’s a lucky guy.

Millions of Americans have no health insurance. No job security.

Millions of other workers would discover that their health insurance didn’t cover the costs of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago when they needed it.

But instead of using his emotional video to talk about that, instead of saying that every one of his constituents deserves the same opportunity to resurrect their lives in a medical emergency, Kirk talks about cutting budgets and taxes.

Is that really the top priority of this country? Is that really what people want?

I would like to know why Kirk hasn’t told his doctors, “You know, this country is facing a dire budget crisis, I don’t want to waste federal tax dollars on my medical care. I want to make a point about what’s really important.”

No. He wants to get well. He wants to get back to work. And he wants the best treatment money can buy.

I don’t blame him.

But I think every American — each housewife, every child, every person who works at a fast-food restaurant — deserves the same thing.

The in box. A final push on retiree health insurance.

The petition to Governor Quinn that you signed is creeping up on 24,000 signatures!  The response has been nothing short of amazing!

We currently have plans to present the signatures to Governor Quinn’s office on Friday, March 16, during the Representative Assembly of the Illinois Education Association — four short days away.

If you are a delegate to the IEA-RA and you want to help us — Save Our Pensions – PLEASE Contact me before the RA or at the RA….!  (gardenoprf@sbcglobal.net – Bob Haisman)

So we are making one last push for signatures.

Here’s how you can help!  Send an email to your friends asking them to sign the petition!

Instead of using the subject line “Governor Quinn:  Please Do Not Cut Our Health Insurance”, send it to your siblings with the subject line “Governor Quinn:  Please Do Not Cut My Sister’s Health Insurance”.

To your children use the subject line: “Governor Quinn:  Please don’t cut my Mom’s Health Insurance!!!”

To your Teacher Friend (BOB) use the subject line: Governor –”Please don’t cut Bob’s health insurance!!”

Anything to make it more personal.  Change the subject line to fit your needs, pass the email along to your teacher friends and colleagues, your relatives, your neighbors,  ANYONE that cares about your well-being!
Don’t forget to include the link to the petition. SIGN HERE!  http://signon.org/sign/governor-quinn-do-not?source=s.em.cr&r_by=2781010&mailing_id=2617

Together we can draw attention to this critical issue.

Thanks for all you do.  Bob Haisman –gardenoprf@sbcglobal.net

If you are a delegate to the IEA-RA and want to help Save Our Pensions – PLEASE Contact me ASAP!  (gardenoprf@sbcglobal.net – Bob Haisman)

What’s wrong with this picture?

Today on Capitol Hill, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform assembled a panel to discuss the birth control mandate in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Specifically, whether or not requiring insurers to cover birth control violates religious freedom of people who don’t believe in science. California Republican Darrell Issa chaired the panel. What’s wrong with this picture?

Women workers at Hyatt face huge health risks.

A study found that women hotel workers were 1.5 times more likely to suffer injuries than males. Injuries to Hispanic women hotel workers were double that of white women. Meanwhile, Asian and Hispanic male employee injuries were 1.5 times greater than whites.

Susan Buchanan, MD, of the University of Illinois Chicago School of Public Health, is the lead author of the study, presented at a recent meeting of the American Public Health Association in Philadelphia. “These alarming results raise many questions as to why injury rates are so high for women and Hispanic and Asian workers in the hotel sector,” she said.

Not surprsingly, the Chicago-based Hyatt Hotel chain dismissed the results of the study.

“While we take seriously all valid research regarding workplace safety, we have not had the opportunity to thoroughly review the data and design of the Unite Here study,” said Amy Patti, a Hyatt spokeswoman. “However, it is clear to us that the union’s conclusions are not consistent with the workplace environment in our hotels.”

John Wilhelm, the president of Unite Here, disagrees with Patti. “Hyatt, with the highest reported injury rate for housekeepers, needs to make changes immediately that will keep housekeepers safe and pain-free at work,” he said.

Unite Here’s labor contracts with Hyatt in Chicago and San Francisco ended in August. Union workers in San Francisco protested the stalled talks with a three-day strike before returning to work in November.

Every fifth employee in the study worked in housekeeping, and had the highest risk of being hurt, researchers found.