Protecting the vote.

I’m generally an optimistic guy. For example, I think science will find a vaccine for this virus and sooner than later. I am also a realist. I wear a mask when I go outside, I keep social distance and I’m not getting my nails done in a spa any time soon. Of course, unlike many, […]

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Universal basic income.

By Harish I. Patel and Ameya Pawar Harish I. Patel is executive director of Economic Security for Illinois and co-led the Chicago Resilient Families Task Force. Ameya Pawar is a fellow with the Open Society Foundations and the Economic Security Project. He co-chaired the task force and served two terms as alderman of the 47th […]

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The voluntary quit.

This is Trump and Mitch McConnell’s new normal. They want the states to reopen business before the numbers demonstrate it can be done safely. They want congressional action to protect corporations from liability when they open too soon and workers get sick or die. If a worker refuses to go back to an unsafe job, […]

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