Will the governor keep his word? Really. I’m serious.

Governor Blagojevich at a Blackhawks game. Will the governor keep his word? Ken Swanson, president of the Illinois Education Association issued a warning today suggesting that he’d better. Illinois’ largest education employees’ union today urged Governor Rod Blagojevich to make the final state aid payments to Illinois school districts, as scheduled, during the current fiscal […]

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Sunday links.

I’m not a fan of internet filtering systems. At all! Simply banning web sites doesn’t teach students anything about safely using the net and it excuses some educators from having to manage web access. However, I do understand that filters are a political reality and that there is some material on the internet that needs […]

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Teacher tales.

Steppenwolf Traffic presents: Teacher Tales: Stories from the Frontlines Sunday, June 1, 2008 at 3:00PM at the Steppenwolf Theater 1650 N. Halsted Street Chicago IL YCA benefit reception follows the show. About Teacher Tales Sneak into the teacher’s lounge as author Dr. Robert Boone and friends provide a look at the motivational moments that define […]

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Amber alert.

The right-wing Fordham bunch is at it again. Check out their defense of the discredited Reading First program, a center piece of the Bush administration’s school reform program. Amber Winkler, writing in the Gadfly: The interim evaluation of Reading First has all sorts of people upset for all manner of reasons. It found that, on […]

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