Blaming Obama for Pingree Grove?

The Hillarettes at Edwize manage to turn the union busting issue that has erupted down the road in Pingree Grove into another opportunity to go after Obama. And what is the point? Does Edwize poster Jonathan Gyurko really believe that Obama supports union busting charter schools? Oh. And Jonathan. The candidates name is Barack Obama. […]

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Hardin County teachers strike.

  Schools are closed and teachers are walking picket lines in the southeastern Illinois county of Hardin. Teachers went on strike Tuesday in a bid for a fair contract that includes benefits and health insurance for teacher’s aides, custodians, and other support staff members. “This school would not run without them. They’re very important and […]

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Ed Sector on Pingree Grove and the right to organize. Update: Rotherham knocks Carey.

Double talk. Ed Sector’s Kevin Carey posts on the story out of Pingree Grove where the district’s board, notoriously anti-union, is using hard-ball tactics to keep the teachers’ union out of their new charter school. Ed Sector loves charter schools and Ed Sector people, including Andy Rotherham, sit on the boards of a few. Carey […]

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Sunday links.

Dave Comerford is unhappy with Scott Reeder and the Small Newspaper Group, a family-owned chain of Illinois newspapers. Comerford, media director for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, says he’s frustrated by what he sees as dishonest reporting and the twisting of quotes to fit a political agenda.  Peter Downs The shrill, desperate, anti-teacher chorus continues […]

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