Milt Wolff, an American hero.

Commander Milton Wolff went to Spain in 1936 to be a part of the International Brigades at the age of 22. The forces of fascist general Francisco Franco, with the backing of Hitler and Mussolini, were attempting to overthrow the democratically elected Republican government. The government appealed for international help and while most the the […]

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Details of the Elgin contract.

The details of the Elgin teachers’ contract that had a TA back in mid-December were made public yesterday following the vote of the U-46 Board to approve it.The Daily Herald reports: The new contract commits to a 3.8-percent raise for the 2008-09 school year.Raises for 2009-10 remain tied to the rate of inflation, and could […]

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Why teachers like Web 2.0

Children’s advocate, Anne Collier Anne Collier is an advocate for children and technology. She writes a blog: Recently she wrote: The other day, a couple of us online-safety advocates were talking about a new book, The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture, by Andrew Keen, which is about why […]

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Hillary busted by Youtube.

The problem has been pointed out lots of times over the past couple years. When you say something stupid in front of a video camera and it gets posted on Youtube, it makes it really, really hard to say you didn’t say it. So, when Hillary said it wasn’t Martin Luther King and the thousands […]

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Sunday links.

Change, change, change. Change don’t mean jack. I have been watching these things long enough to remember Gary Hart’s energetic centrism catching the pundits fancy in the face of Walter Mondale’s plodding Minnesota liberalism. Change change change. JD2718 Check out neocon, Mike Petrilli at the Fordham Foundation’s Gadfly blog, who keeps trying to drive a […]

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Three over coffee.

We slept in this morning. I was late getting home last night because I was the stick man at the craps table at a fund raiser for our school district. The local education foundation that supports a lot of school programs was having a casino night. Teachers volunteered to run the tables: Texas hold ’em, […]

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