Three over coffee.

Chicago got hit by its first big snow storm this week. Three inches on the ground. Today started out sunny and cold. I started with a latte and a bagel at Peets. The news of the split in Washington between the generals and the intelligence community on the one side who are not anxious for […]

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Tzimmes and borscht.

Minnesota Republican Senators say, “Throw out NCLB.” Minnesota Senate Republicans said today they want the state out of the controversial No Child Left Behind law. They will take action even if it means the loss of $150 million in federal aid. Pioneer Press Send a tax-deductible check to FairTest. Brother Mike on Small Talk received […]

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With friends like this.

Creepy George Will. I can’t really sympathize too much with The Quick and the Ed’s Kevin Carey. He complains in this post that anti-union wing-nuts like the creepy George Will make the charter movement look bad. Says Carey, (Will’s) kind of reflexive anti-teachers union commentary make things more difficult for everyone. It’s true that there […]

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No surprise. IEA endorses Obama.

Illinois senator, Barack Obama. Coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody, IPACE, the political action committee of the IEA recommended an Obama endorsement, and the IEA Board followed the recommendation. While there appears slim difference in the Dem candidates on education issues, Obama is from Illinois and has, along with Senator Richard Durbin, close ties […]

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