Three over coffee.

It’s coffee alone this morning since it’s Anne’s turn to head for Brooklyn to see granddaughter Lucy and the new grandson, Joey. I’m bleary eyed since we got in a little late last night after seeing John Prine at the Chicago Theater and I drove Anne to O’Hare at 5:30 this morning. But Peet’s and […]

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Trouble in Hillaryville.

In the Chicago suburban town of Park Ridge where I teach, it has been bedrock Republican for as long as anyone can remember. But something is happening here. First of all, more Democrats voted in the Tuesday primary than Republicans. A lot more. And this is also the town where Hillary Clinton grew up. She […]

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Man, do they hate Kozol.

Jonathan Kozol Jonathan Leaf, writing in the leading Neo-Con journal,  The Weekly Standard, calls Jonathan Kozol a “leftist education expert.” Among Kozol’s crimes are that he is someone who ‘preaches his gospel on NPR” and at “bookstores,” he is “seductive,” “antagonistic to every education reform,” a “critic of American education apartheid, charters schools, vouchers, testing,” […]

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Woo Woo!

Anne, Joanna and Cub’s superfan, Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers at Chicago’s Obama victory rally Tuesday night.

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Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Professor Longhair. In an hour or so I’m heading to the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Chicago for the Obama victory rally (and here in Obama’s home state of Illinois he will win by a two to one margin). Many years ago I got a chance to see the legendary Professor Longhair at a club in […]

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A difference?

For those who want to try and make NCLB a wedge issue between Obama and Clinton, take a look at Russo today. Says Michelle Obama, obviously reflecting the views of her husband: … NCLB is “sucking the life out of our teachers, our children are being tested to death, and college is becoming a dream.”

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