It’s the war, stupid.

The Republicrat Joe Williams bemoans the fact that his Democrats for Education Reform, a group which has Xeroxed the Republican program for education, proposes solutions that are not catching fire among Democrats. While he constantly reminds us (oh, I’m sorry. He “discloses.”) that he is an ardent Obama supporter, his blog is a non-stop on-line […]

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Three over coffee.

I know I said postings would be light. I didn’t say they would stop. It’s Saturday morning. I have a few minutes. It’s misty rain outside. Peet’s was crowded. Mike and Susan joined us for coffee and something sweet. Well, I had a bagel. The tyranny of language. An above the fold story on Venezuela’s […]

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Gobble, gobble.

This is definitely the crazy season for teaching: Two weeks of report cards and parent conferences.Not that parents are streaming into the art room to find out how their child is doing in the Visual Arts. But, we have three evenings of conferences scheduled. I enjoy meeting the parents. When they do find their way […]

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Students here arrived at school in Yorkville, Illinois Monday to confront reading and math lessons instead of picket lines as teachers and administrators move toward ratification of a three-year contract. (Beacon News) The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition is going after the Berwyn high school that suspended 25 students over an anti-war protest, threatening Monday to sue if […]

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