The issue won’t go away.

Brother Mike’s Small Talk talks about the Khalil Gibran Academy story and reflects on being multi-cultural and being American. Jews For Racial and Economic Justice describes their close relationship with fired principal, Debbie Almontaser. UFT member Sean Ahern writes to Edwize and expresses concern about Almontaser’s firing and its implications for civil liberties and academic […]

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Inside agitators.

Hundreds protest Debbie Almontaser’s firing. In spite of what Leo Casey says in his comments to my posting, My Mistake I didn’t bus them in from Chicago. They’re actually from New York.

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My mistake.

Leo Casey refers to me, not by name, but by my error in his Edwize posting today. I originally incorrectly referred to the Khalil Gibran Academy as a school for the study of Islamic culture, history and language. I should have said it was a school for the study of Arab culture, history and language. […]

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First day of school.

Today was the first day back for teachers and staff. The kids come tomorrow afternoon and I see my first students in the art room Wednesday morning. But today we gathered in the middle school gym. We heard greetings from the board president and the president of the learning foundation and before a “state of […]

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Three over coffee.

Last year I bought myself a new digital camera. Its an SLR, Rebel XT Canon and it’s wonderful. But last week at the forum with Green Dot’s Steve Barr, CTU’s Marilyn Stewart and IEA’s Jo Anderson, I was there without my beloved Canon. All I had was my new iPhone (which I also love). So […]

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