Hey, this is a private beach.

The anti-union goofball, Joe Williams, who blogs at Democrats for Education Reform is shocked, simply shocked, that union members might go to the beach for the Labor Day Weekend. First the annual Labor Day parade had to be moved to a weekend after Labor Day because organized labor couldn’t get people away from their beach […]

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Principal’s firing is nuts.

Former principal, Debbie Almontaser I’m a thousand miles from New York, but from where I sit the forced resignation of Debbie Almontaser as principal of the Khalil Gibran Academy, a public school focusing on Islamic culture, history and language, was a concession to bigotry and anti-Arab hysteria promoted by the yellow journalism of the New […]

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Jazz great, Max Roach, dies at 83.

 “I will never again play anything that does not have social significance. We American jazz musicians of African descent have proved beyond all doubt that we’re master musicians of our instruments. Now what we have to do is employ our skill to tell the dramatic story of our people and what we’ve been through.”

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Fat Kid Rules the World

In the book Fat Kid Rules the World by G.L. Going: Troy is the ultimate fat kid, the kind whose every move, every thought is predicated on what it is like to wear a coat of blubber. Curt, as thin as Troy is fat, is a combination of Kurt Cobain, Ratso Rizzo, and a fairy […]

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Face to face: charter/union forum. (Update)

Jo Anderson, Marilyn Stewart and Steve Barr The much anticipated discussion between Green Dot charter founder Steve Barr, Chicago Teacher Union President, Marilyn Stewart, and the Illinois Education Association’s Executive Director, Jo Anderson, went off in remarkable peace. No big fireworks. “Remarkable,” because in the minds of some, charters and unions are an anathema to […]

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Three over coffee.

Summer is winding down. I start back on Monday. But this morning I’m having my coffee across the Lake. I’ll be driving in to the city today for the panel with Steve Barr, Marilyn Stewart and Jo Anderson on unions and charters. Meanwhile: The NY Times has a story on a handful of locals who […]

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