Tzimmes and borscht.

OK. Let’s review. Tzimmes and borscht? The closest translation to this Yiddish expression is, “apples and oranges.” Try your rhetorical skills on my mom, and she’d shoot back, “Well, that’s mixing tzimmes and borscht.” No arguments here. Just a mish mosh (also a Yiddish expression) of items. Bracey remembers 50 years ago, today. Gerald Bracey’s […]

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Go Cubs.

Man, did I catch it for my little “go Cubs” note this week. Not enough enthusiasm. Where’s my spirit? OK. Here:

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AFT endorses Hillary. Yawn.

Hillary receives AFT endorsement. Back in July I had to sit through all the Dem candidates for President at the NEA convention in Philadelphia. OK. I just lied. They all spoke. I went out for a Philly cheese steak during the Richardson speech. I had a hoagie when Chris Dodd was speaking. But I’m pretty […]

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I guess I’m never satisfied.

Diane Ravitch. I guess I should feel good that Diane Ravitch wrote a column in today’s NY Times attacking NCLB. But why don’t I? Because like a reformed smoker, Diane will always want a cigarette. “Get Congress out of the classroom,” she says. But then adds: We will never know how well or poorly our […]

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Bob Herbert on teacher quality.

Bob Herbert. I’m a regular reader of Bob Herbert’s NY Times op-ed column. He’s written a lot of important pieces on the criminalizing of America’s youth. His columns on Gary Tyler were explosive. And he’s responsible for making the NY Times op-ed page predominantly white. If it weren’t for Herbert, it would be all-white. However. […]

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Blogger rules.

Cato’s Neal McCluskey This morning I got a message in my comment box from Dan Kleinman. Dan’s the guy who thinks the American Library Association is a a front group for The Homosexual Agenda and wants the book, Fat Kid Rules the World banned from school reading lists. Dan lives in New Jersey. He wants […]

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Tzimmes and borscht.

“No Child” comes to Chicago. Last year on a trip to see our kids and grandchild in Brooklyn, they took Anne and me to see a one-woman show called “No Child.” The play was written and performed by the brilliant Nilaja Sun. The small off-broadway theater that seats about 200 people, was filled. Many in […]

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