Big Hat, No Cattle.

Deputy Chancellor for Organizational Strategy, Human Capital, and External Affairs for the New York City Department of Education In a long post over at Eduwonk, guestblogger Chris Cerf, who must have one of the longer titles for an education bureaucrat, writes about merit pay. I write this as our own state legislature is three months […]

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Tested again.

Linda Perlstein. I posted a review of Linda Perlstein’s book Tested a week or so ago from Daily Kos. Today there is an interview in USA Today (Short. After all. It’s USA Today) with Perlstein, a former Washington Post reporter. Q: In one memorable scene, a district supervisor watches kindergartners in gym class waft a […]

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Check the date. Charters and Unions.

Don’t forget. If you live or are visiting the Chicago area on Wednesday, August 15th, plan on attending the discussion between Green Dot’s Steve Barr, the CTU’s Marilyn Stewart and my IEA’s Executive Director, Jo Anderson. Small Talk blogger, Small Schools Worshop Director and older brother, Mike Klonsky will moderate. The time is 6:30 – […]

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Three over coffee.

1) In a slam at NCLB, the National Council of State Legislatures sharply opposed any attempt by the feds to impose national standards on states and local schools. Edweek reported: Much of the group’s opposition to national standards is rooted in its dislike for the NCLB act, which is up for reauthorization before Congress. 2) […]

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Call your state senator and rep now. Left to their own abilities the state’s political leadership has screwed up the budget. Here’s IEA President Swanson’s take: Some of the details of this proposed budget: $308.8 million to increase the foundation level by $400 to $5,734. $185.5 million to fully fund mandated categoricals. A two percent […]

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Sliming the “vile” NEA.

Responding to the Washington Post’s editorial on NCLB, The Daily Howler nails it: It’s the law! In mainstream “journalism,” you’re not allowed to write three grafs without sliming the vile NEA! The Daily Howler goes on: “There is no question that No Child Left Behind has brought accountability to America’s classrooms,” the editors say. Note: […]

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Checker Finn. Michael Petrilli. Don Imus. Separated at birth?

Fordham’s “Checker” Finn. Fordham’s Gadfly blog is is written by Michael Petrilli. Some posts are anonymous. But it seems Petrilli is responsible for the blog. His boss is right-winger “Checker” Finn. Here’s my question. What is the difference between what Don Imus said on MSNBC about African-American women and the Gadfly saying that because the […]

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