Damn them both?

My new friend, Dr. Homeslice gives his analysis of yesterday’s defeat of EFCA in the Senate. EFCA has been described in the media as the #1 item on the union movement’s legislative agenda. I don’t know if that’s true. Or even why it should be. But the good Dr. curses the Republicans for EFCA’s defeat. […]

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Rotherham Watch.

This Guy never misses a chance: In a criticism of the new Washington Post education reporter (which is tag-teamed with Alexander Russo’s post today), there is this gratuitous smack at the NEA: I think the bigger problem is the Hill and the revolt there, which Paley reported a few months ago. That predates any of […]

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Heading for the NEA RA.

Phillies’ Hall of Famer, Robin Roberts I was born in Philadelphia 59 years ago. I lived there until I was nine in a neighborhood in North Philly called Strawberry Mansion. It was a few blocks to walk to Fairmount Park and the Schuylkill River. The Philadelphia Orchestra played nearby in summer concerts at the park’s […]

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