Random thoughts. WikiLeaks and the Democrats’ Rahm problem.


In 2014 we got the chance to look inside the Clinton White House with the release of a memo from Rahm Emanuel to the President. The memo shows Rahm telling Bill Clinton to increase deportations and mimic Richard Nixon as a law and order politician.

Donald Trump has picked up on the same Nixonian law and order theme for his anti-immigrant election campaign.


Rahm’s law and order memo.

“The GOP Congress wants to fight the immigration issue out on government benefits. You want to take it to them on the workplace. The INS should be directed to expand the VIS to key industries, beyond meat-packers and poultry. Halfway through your term you want to claim a number of industries free of illegal immigrants,” wrote Rahm.

“This is great!,” responded Bill Clinton.

One of the emails released by WikiLeaks this week shows that Rahm’s immigrant problem came up in the early days of the Obama administration.

Obama was considering Rahm as Chief of Staff.

White House Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz criticized Emanuel as a potential pick.

“So I hate to bug you with anything else knowing how much must be going on, but the Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff rumor is circulating like wildfire,” Munoz wrote in an email to President Barack Obama’s campaign that was forwarded to Podesta. “Folks know how explosive that would be in my part of the world, no?”


Obama ignored the advice and selected Rahm as his first Chief of Staff.

It turned out to be a bad choice. Rahm was said to be a divisive element among Obama’s White House staff. It has been widely reported that many among Obama’s people were happy to see him leave and run for Mayor. None more than Michelle Obama.

The Sun-Times reports that the Clinton campaign appears confident of victory enough to bring Rahm out in public. It appears part of the plan to rehabilitate the Mayor in preparation for a possible third term.

With this guy, I think that may be premature.

Stumpf, Black and my retirement savings.


Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf.

I doubt that when Well Fargo CEO John Stumpf left his office earlier this week it was one of those scenes of a guy emptying his desk into a banker’s box and walking past a line of cubicles.

Wells Fargo says he got no severance package when he left.

But it is reported that he has accumulated $137.1 million in company stock, deferred compensation and a pension.

Stumpf headed a company that cheated people out of millions. He fired those who blew the whistle on the corrupt practices of his company. They received no company stock when they left. Thousands of low-level employees were fired for doing what they were ordered to do.

It was a huge crime. Nobody will do time.

As I wrote the other day, John Stumpf is small potatoes compared to Leon Black of Apollo Global Management.

Black steals from public pension funds.

Illinois’ Teacher Retirement System has been heavy into Apollo funds. I asked TRS board member and elected annuitant representative Bob Lyons how heavy were we into Apollo.

We have a past history investing with Apollo Global Management finishing with $62 million in Apollo V (01).

$141 million in Apollo VI (06), and $125 million in VII in (08) and finished (10).   

In August 2013 we invested $300 million in Fund VIII. It is now $369 million.  

“Since my first review I want back and looked at more recent minutes. I found in February 2014 we gave them $500 million divided between $250 million in Global Fixed Income and $250 million in Credit Investment with high return.”

Bob added, “Fred, these investments are separate from their private equity funds.  Last, in our May minutes I found that we did a co-investment with Apollo in Fund VIII  for $30 million.”

I expect I will be writing more about this.

Because I don’t understand why we would continue to do business with a guy we know cheats and steals from folks like us.

Pasqual is pissed again.


-By Pasqual LoPresti, retired Chicao city worker.


You are even worse at reporting the truth than the Chicago ScumTimes. The only reason i subscribe to your digital version is once in a blue moon you might type the truth. But mostly its stories such as this that I have to share on our site, City Workers Present and Past.  Your attack on the teachers is a TUTU spin from one end to the other with ballet slipper tracks all over it. You wanna talk truth…

  • Expose how much is really in the TIFs.
  • Expose the non emergency wild spending that your TUTU blows 100s of millions every week.
  • Expose how he just pulled off 8 BILLION in loans (in the last 4 weeks) and whatever you want to call them in juice loan interests 2 to 4 times the going rates, and who profits from it.
  • Expose how in his budget how he figures he saved the city in rewritten loans 60 some million, but on the other hand he buries us deeper with these new loans and higher interest.
  • Expose how he figures his hire of “ADDITIONAL CPOs” of 970 in 2 years, when the department has around a 3,000 shortage and a projected 1000 retirees is “ADDITIONAL.”
  • Expose how he needs to find funds for these “ADDITIONAL”
    officers when he should have a good size bankroll from barely hiring any officers for the last 5 years, and what of the 1000 new retirees.
  • Expose how he stole the election by the cover up of 16 shots and in plain sight only 2 people would it help, the shooter and TUTU. TUTU is innocent? Yeah right,Fibune.
  • Expose how his theft of the retirees health care is a good move putting people into poverty because of this.
  • Expose the hardship letters and stories that this asshole has sentenced on people who did what they were suppose to for 36 years and served the people of Chicago leaving many with no help in healthcare or medications.
  • Expose every thing this so called Mayor has said in 5 years has been all lies.
  • I can go on for a long time with this but my anger has my Sicilian fingers pounding my keyboard with too much anger to the breaking point.
  • Your attack on the teachers has no meaning other than to attack them for TUTU because with the Cubs winning he can’t.

Now, FIBUNE lets be honest. The break came in the contract talks. Didn’t come from this chooches heart. It came from the protesters in front of his house and he knew what would happen at Addison and Clark and be shown on national news or even world wide.

I hope Ms. Lewis buries his ass on this contract before signing. CTU is in the drivers seat and he knows it. Let him try to pull a shot and there will be so many thousands of sightseers looking at those beautiful brownstones in that neighborhood around the ballpark

I have to confess, I only listend to about the first 12 to 14 minutes of his BULLSHIT FRIGGIN BUDGET. And every word was a lie. WAKE UP CHICAGO. THIS GUY IS KILLING OUR CITY TO ENRICH HIS 1%ers.

Support our teachers, our police, our city workers, (retired and current) WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY. We just want what is due to us. The enemy is TUTU and his band of puppets that we hired and pay their wages REALIZE THEY WORK FOR US WE DONT WORK FOR THEM.


Now, the teachers get to say.


Teachers at International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn congratulate Chicago teachers on their contract win today. “Your fight is our fight!”

Some contract settlements make me scratch my head in negative amazement. Some put a smile on my face. But as a career union teacher who led a local and sat long hours at the bargaining table many times, I strongly believe that the collective bargaining agreement belongs to the those who must work it. The rest of us may have opinions. Only members get to vote.

The tentative agreement that the CTU bargaining team will present to its House of Delegates, and if passed, to its members, is theirs and theirs alone to vote yea or nay.

At a time when Illinois has a governor who came into office with a promise to destroy public employee unionism, that alone would be a victory.

Bruce Rauner is a big loser in the agreement that put teachers and students in classrooms yesterday morning.

But there is more.

Rahm said the city was broke, demanded a return of the previously bargained  7% pension pickup and portrayed the board’s early offers as a pay raise when it was a pay cut.

CTU members get to keep the pickup, new hires get the 7% as direct compensation and there is a real pay raise in the third and fourth year.

With the TA,  CTU demonstrated to all that the city isn’t broke. We may not be able to afford another selective admission high school reserved for the rich and famous and named after Obama, but Rahm was forced to open up his TIF piggy bank in order to settle this thing.

To me, its a teacher win.

No strike means it’s a parent  and student win. Our city’s public school kids are in classrooms with great teachers.

Doubt me? You try doing what they do.

Rahm wins too. The last thing he needed was another teacher strike. I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see an improvement in his polling numbers, which since the Laquan McDonald murder and cover-up, were below Trump’s.

A collective bargaining agreement never resolves everything. That’s why it is called negotiating. What we work for is to make the new CBA be an improvement of our living and working situation compared to the last one.

When I congratulated the CTU on the tentative agreement, President Karen Lewis wrote in response, “Fred, now we need to turn our contract action teams into contract ENFORCEMENT teams!!”

And as usual Ms Lewis nails it.

The biggest winner is the militant democratic unionism of the CTU.  Make no mistake. Without the real threat of a strike looming right up until the final minutes before the deadline of midnight Monday, we wouldn’t be sitting here with students and teachers in classrooms doing what they need to do.

That’s a win for all working people.