The 2012 Democratic Party Platform on education is revealed.

We’ve been told that the national Democrats won’t have an education plank in their 2012 campaign platform.

But don’t believe it.

Want to know why President Obama has been silent in response to Romney’s attack on teachers and teacher unions?

Brother Mike reveals the answers in a post today.

The Chicago Sun-Times exposes the ties between the Obama administration, their chief political strategist David Axelrod and his consulting company, ASGK Public Strategies and AKPD.

Axelrod will tell you that they are no longer his companies.

But don’t believe it.

He’s on their payroll for $200,000 a year.

Mike on his Small Talk blog:

Among ASGK clients are Citibank, the financial giant that received $45 billion in bailout money after helping to cause the global financial collapse. Citi is also the driving force behind the Mayor’s so-called Infrastructure Trust scheme. Another client is the Ricketts family, owners of the Cubs. You might recall, it was Joe Ricketts, the right-wing family patriarch, whose PAC planned the racist ad campaign against Pres. Obama.  Rahm Emanuel then feigned outrage and threatened to turn his back on the Ricketts’ demand for about $500 million in public funding for the renovation of Wrigley Field.

And what does this have to do with teachers?

Another Axelrod-founded firm — AKPD Media and Messaging — recently produced ads critical of the Chicago Teachers Union, which is locked in a contract battle with Emanuel, who seems hell-bent on destroying the city’s public employee unions. AKPD oversaw Emanuel’s ad blitz during his mayoral campaign, and the firm is a paid consultant to his political committee, state records show.

So, Obama’s chief political strategist works for the firm (which he founded) which is responsible for the public relations campaign against the Chicago Teachers Union. And Rahm is a co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign. And Penny Pritzker, Obama’s chief fundraiser in 2008, sits on the school board that won’t bargain with the CTU. And Obama’s party has as its Illinois Chairman the guy who is out to destroy teacher pensions. And Obama’s party controls all three branches of Illinois government that is slashing education funding and enacting so-called reforms that would make Scott Walker blush.

Are there any questions about the party’s platform on education for 2012?