Ed Rosenthal for IEA Retired Chair.

My membership in IEA Retired is in the mail. I’m not retired until June.

I can’t vote for Chair of IEA Retired this time.

But if you are a member of IEA Retired, you can vote. And I’m encouraging a vote for Ed Rosenthal.

My colleague Bob Haisman, past IEA President and retired activist, says it best.

We want IEA-R to be the champion of grass roots political organizing! Both Ed and I were active in the “pension battle” of the spring of 2011 and the veto session of 2011 –Speaker Madigan, Minority Leader Cross, and the Civic Federation of Chicago tried five times to move Senate Bill 512 (“The Pension Killer”) to a vote!  Five times The TEACHERS of Illinois – active and retired– stood up and stopped the “Pension Killers”. Ed Rosenthal and Pension Stalwarts from all over the state helped big time in that victory.