Data driven collective bargaining.

Lately I have been accused of only being concerned with me rather than the kids. Y’know. Selfish.

I don’t take this personally. This has become the chief talking point, the mantra, of the teacher union haters.

I suggest we look at the data.

Both the big Chicago teachers union and our smaller local are presently bargaining.

When these contracts are agreed to, which they inevitably will be, let’s measure the results against what the data shows is best for the students.

Bruce Baker, who writes the schoolfinance101, lists the characteristics of elite schools.

What happens at elite schools would be a good measure of what is best for students. Right? I mean, people like Rahm make sure their kids get the best. That’s why he sends his kids to the very elite Chicago Lab school.

Baker says that Elite schools:

  • Spend a lot per pupil.
  • Leverage that money primarily for small class sizes.
  • Pay teachers based on degree level and years of experience.
  • Have lots of teachers with masters degrees, and many in education.